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cant remove rear wheel from cbr250rr

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by HANDSY, Nov 3, 2008.

  1. i just want to loosen the nut (axel) but cant get it undone.? a few mates with me we have tried every tool. cant find any info on net, and searched hear but nothing that really helps. is there a trick? special way? there must be a trick because there is no way it could be done up this tight.

  2. Do you have a breaker bar?

    If so you should be able to get it undone, sometimes you may need to use a hollow metal pipe over the end of the breaker bar for extra leverage...make sure you have a mate to hold the bike steady while your swinging on the breaker bar though...pretty easy to roll the bike off the side stand.

    I would also give the nut and threads a good spray with some CRC or WD40 to try and loosen them up...failing that PM me for my address and if you drop it round to my place I'll sort it for you.

  3. Anti-clockwise?
  4. lefty loosey mate.

    Make sure the threads are clean, use penetrating oil and have them use a rattle gun on it.

    You have two other options

    1. Take it to a mechanic.
    2. Trade it in when the chain/tyre wears out.
  5. its prob at about 120Nm so will take some force. breaker bar one side (nut) and big ass rachet on the other to hold the axel still.. eat some weatbix and have another go.
  6. does it have a cotter/split pin? is it removed :)
  7. maybe it's just one of those fake nut and bolt set's that little toy bikes have.
  8. spanner wouldnt fit if it was still there