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Can't remove my brake pads

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by philmydang, Jan 19, 2010.

  1. The securing pin that holds my brake pads in place is tighter than a mans... well its just damn tight and I think my eyes might pop out if i strain any further.

    What i'm afraid of is everytime i force my allen wrench in there it strips off a little bit more of the (bolt/fitting? thing) - Anyone have any suggestions? I'd like to get this bike back on the road, riding without front brakes probably isn't a good idea.
  2. err, if we knew the bike, model and year and a little about it, someone might be able to formulate a solution for you .....
  3. Bike is a 97 Honda vt600 Shadow.
  4. Use a high quality allen key that is BIG, or use a bit in a socket wrench.
    Leverage is what you need, and you dont get much from a standard size allen key.
  5. Invested in a socket wrench, wish i had done so earlier, still can't get the pin out - I think i may have stripped too much of it away earlier.

    So any suggestions of how to remove a stripped Hex screw from my brakes? I'm not too sure if i want to be hammering/drilling around there.
  6. Wehey! You're rooted. You might have to get somebody to weld your hex key in there. The heat will probably help.
  7. +1 on the weld something to it idea.. doesn't need to be ur allen key tho just a bit of bar welded on a angle with enough length for some leverage works.. other thing I have done is weld another bolt on top (hex head not allen!) and then use a socket to get it off..

    Havn't had to do it on my bike yet but I have done both a few times on my 4wd (bolts that have been done up for 30 years) the combo of heat and actually getting some force into it hasn't failed yet!


  8. [​IMG][/URL][/IMG]

    Rooted indeed. The actual screw sits about 3-4mm inside the 'hole', I don't know much about welding but i imagine theres a good chance of getting whatever i put in there stuck to the sides. !!!

    Called up a local mechanic who said if he can remove it within 30 minutes he'll charge me 30bucks otherwise its 95/hour thereafter.

    And i was just trying to change my brake pads!! ](*,)
  9. It's a Honda. They're not designed to be taken apart :grin:

    Seriously though, if your mechanic is worth his salt, he'll have it out inside the 30 mins, which would make handing it to the professional a bargain. Even if it takes him another hour, it'll still be cheaper than a stuffed caliper.

    You'll need a replacement pin. At Honda prices, I hope your credit rating is good.
  10. ^wot they said.
    If it was mine I'd be having one last try. First, spray it with BoltOff or similar (or WD40), and let it soak in for a few minutes. Then get your good quality socket wrench/allen key and put it in there (without the socket handle/breaker bar). Then belt it with a hammer a couple of times. This will engage the key with last bit of the bolt and help free the bolt. Then use an impact driver on the socket wrench.
  11. Thanks for the suggestions guys. Brake pads are out, but the pin is now rooted. Any ideas where i can get a replacement? I've called afew wreckers and they're not keen on just selling me a pin - they've all tried to flog off the entire caliper (which i don't need)
  12. Go to your friendly local Honda dealer.

    Take lube.
  13. PatB, were you high-sided by a malevolent Honda in your youth? :wink:
  14. So how did you end up getting it out??
  15. Ended up just taking it to the mechanic. They took it out the back, sprinkled some vodoo dust on it and it unscrewed itself. Made me feel like a stupid noob (which is not far off).

    He told me to search the wreckers (didn't seem too keen on ordering the parts for me - probably not worth the time/money for him). Since i've had no luck with the wreckers it looks like i'll have to bend over for some genuine honda parts
  16. Oohh, don't get me started :wink:.

    For the record, I think Honda's utility bikes, up to about 200cc are/were brilliant pieces of kit, as are their industrial engines. But I wouldn't touch any of their bigger/flasher two wheeled products with a barge pole.
  17. Isn't that just a bolt? From your photo, it looks like a standard bolt you can buy from any store that sells nuts and bolts. www.stainlessstore.com.au was recommended on here a few weeks ago if you can't find one near you.

    Mind you, I may have totally misunderstood your problem; I have no idea what the other side of your pin looks like.
  18. Crap tools and wannabe mechanics always stuff things up. It is usually cheaper to pay full price, and get it done right.