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Can't put a price on experience

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Melbgirl, Aug 19, 2008.

  1. This weekend hubby (oz_johnno) and I headed down to Aireys Inlet on the Great Ocean Road to celebrate our 1 year wedding anniversary - 4 days of riding pleasure.

    On Day 1 my riding was slow, very very very cautious and my use of the break was constant!

    By Day 4, my riding was still slow but probably 15-20kms faster in certain places than Day 1, very cautious and very limited use of the break as I was starting to learn how to approach a corner, rather than getting to it and thinking 'oh crap!!'.

    In the whole scheme of things, I had about a handful of 'oh crap moments' but what I learnt about riding and my bike is absolutely priceless.

    In 6 weeks I have clocked just over 3,000kms and every km is giving me road experience that will hopefully save my life one day!

    I don't know how everybody else is going with getting road experience up, but as a very new rider, I would encourage you all to get out there by yourself and with a friend/group.


  2. nice to hear that you are getting more comfy with your motorbiking skills.

    Nothing beats real time experience, no text book and theory classes can ever replace that.... these lessons can only be used as complementary to the real time riding experience and learning. :)
  3. wow thats a nice way to celebrate :grin:
  4. Good to hear about getting experience up.

    For me, I've been riding almost everyday since I got my bike(march 07). After awhile I find that I was relying mostly on past experiences.
  5. Congrats Melbgirl !! ( On your 1st Ann & the riding )
    Damn . I envy you two .. what a GREAT way to celebrate an anniversary!

    At that rate, You'll be a veteran in no time, WELL DONE!
    and YES, there is nothing better than experience to improve your riding skills.
  6. Proud of the girl :)

    Took her down the GOR nice and cruisy (road was wet after all) kept it to about 10 - 15 km/hr above the advisory, told her cornering was all about being smooth, being in the right position on the road at the ride speed before you enter ther corner, do this and there is no need to use the brake.

    Melbgirl went all the way from lorne to apollo bay behind me without touching the brake once. She got cocky on the way back however and said, first person to touch the brake buys dinner.

    Your on I said

    I had just finished exiting a left hand down hill 45km/hr corner when I heard her say 'oh crap' over the blue ant.

    'Yeee haaarrr I said', 'eye fillet for dinner, medium rare pls' :)


  7. Was that only bike riding or the eerr other one too? *ducks for cover* lol
  8. +1. I will have been riding a year this weekend and have done 14,500 kms. I still very much consider myself a "new" rider, but every mistake I make I find I can learn something. Touch wood I will get to my first anniversary with not having come off my bike. Several drops :( but no offs so far. Keep enjoying the ride!!
  9. I have ridden for well over 40 years and done "Millions of miles/kilometers on road and track and still ride every day.

    Every time I fire up my bikes I put on my mental L plates and return to learner status and every ride I learn something new. This is one of the joys of riding you should NEVER get bored as you will NEVER know it all just like fishing and sex except riding is now safer than the other two.

    Awareness is a vital part of riding and some days I feel less aware than I would like to feel I return home and try one of the other two fun occupations.

    Practice your peripheral vision, it is amazing how much you can see when you don't concentrate your vision.

    Tyres are another much ignored item on bikes and my son and I have a competition (which I always win) I can tell when my tyre pressures are within 2psi of what I want them to be after a quick run around the block.

    I don't use chain lube but keep my chains spotlessly clean and use WD40 on them three times a week or on wet days sometimes twice on a ride, I learned this while racing bikes and still stick to it.

    Most importantly learn to love your sport or recreation for if you do you will put more effort into it and consequently get more out of it.

    And finally

    "There are old riders and bold riders, but bloody few old, bold riders"

    Remember it is your responsibility to grow old enough to be as much of a pain to your kids as they were to you.

    Have fun, stay safe.
  10. You must be as old as you suggest, cause that's what my Dad keeps saying. :shock:

    I think maybe he forgets he's already said it. :)
  11. Forgets what? :?
  12. Practice, practice, practice and practice.
    Good work :D