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cant kill me....................yet

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Removed_User6, Nov 19, 2007.

  1. Some may be aware I had a what appeared to be a sore on my face that started out something like a sebatious cyst but didnt heal , anyway had the swabs...nothing , anti-biotic , differant numerous numerous course and nothing anyway the Dr said it may be cancer.
    so he sent me to see a surgoen today .
    walked into the surgoens office and sat down.
    My turn came and in I go , start to tell him what is going on and he throws a magnafying glass over my mug and says " get out " , I thought well it cant be serious to my self , and before i get to ask why ? he say into the next room , its cancer and its coming off now .

    grabbed by the arm , next thing i am laying on a operating table with needles being shoved into my face and below my eye, what a pleasurable experiance that is too say the least.
    after some cutting , more local and more cutting its out and he says too me , I will have the results of the tests in a few days, so I am waiting to make sure he got the whole lot .

    so onto the bike and off home with one eye closing due to the local , face under a dressing that bearly fit under my helmet and riding with only vision out of one eye .

    anyway here is the aftermath as it is at the moment , let me say the pain relief isnt working thats for sure
    and just racked up another scar to go with this ugly mug . 
  2. Well that's amazing. Just when you thought a bloke couldn't get any uglier, you pull your ace out of the bag. I salute you, sir.

    (Hope it's the end of it mate, a scar's one thing but skin cancer's another altogether. Good luck and get well soon.)
  3. damn dude, that has almost made you pretty :LOL:

    it is all about character anyway. can always make a good story to go with it.
    Hope you get some good pain relief soon anyway
  4. Chicks dig scars! Ya still look purty though :shock: :shock:
  5. AARRGHGHHH!!!!!!!

    This is a G rated forum Glen!!!!!!!!

    Man, I woulda left the growth, painted 2 eyes on it, then taken off your head :rofl:

    Here's to the dood getting it all out
  6. Cool scar, dude!

    Hope they got all the nasty stuff out.


  7. now all you need is a small mountain of blow to go with the scarface :LOL:

    lookin' good glen - a cancer-free face is a good face. pleased he got onto it right away :)
  8. That's some gouge in your face :shock:

    All the best for the results that he got it all out
  9. aV21vRVJ.

    Lets hope they got it all out :shock:
  10. :LOL: :LOL: Ktulu :LOL: :LOL:

    Nah good to see you on the mend Doc. :cool:
  11. Had one near my left ear a couple of years ago; man it is freaky HEARING the guy cutting something out of your skin but not feeling it :shock:.

    Hope it goes well for you Glen :).
  12. Wow Glen - I can imagine thats the last thing you thought was gonna happen when you got to the docs...

    Glads to hear they acted quickly, and fingers crossed it'll be all good from now on...

    Happy healing
  13. Bloody hell Grobby! :eek: Nothing boring or ordinary ever happens to you does it? :shock: :LOL:

    Good thing you saw the doc quick. Here's hoping it's all good now. :grin:
  14. Well let’s just hope they got it all....else they may have to cut a nother scar into that head of yours...and i don’t think it can take much more modifications...... :shock:
  15. Cheers for the well wishs.
    I have had a skin cancer ( melanoma) cut out on my back , but this was a differant type.
    It effects the cells in wounds and ulcerates them and so on.
    anyway its out and riding home in peak hour with one eye is a whole new ball game thats for sure.
    ( if i didnt live so far out of melbourne i would have left the bike there and taxi home ) but no choice.

    anyway thanks again for the well wishs , but I placed it up for 2 other reasons , some wanted to know the outcome when I went to the surgeon, and also I thought you lot would enjoy a shit stir at my expense :wink: :grin:

  16. Is that the same type they removed from your chin?


    Glad it was done in time and hoping it is all gone.
  17. Hope thats the last of it Doc.

    Now start wearing the :censored: sunblock as you were told LAST time.

    Heal quick & see you soon brother.

    :LOL: @ previous posts. Mean bastards. :rofl:
  18. You do us an injustice my good man...
    O.K. I am full of Sh!t, you were going to cop a stir.
    Good to hear you have a diagnosis and a solution. Hope they got the lot
  19. recived a call yesterday
    They got all of it so there should be no more probs
    6 monthly check ups is all

    bar looking like frankinsien at the moment , I think the scar will add character :grin:

    anyway , thanks to those who rang , Pm'ed and sent me emails , even the shit stiring ones ...appreciate it
  20. Glen all you need is a bandana, plus couple of knives clasped in your teeth, and what with Ktulu's eye patch addition, you could replace that avatar for the real deal :LOL: Heal well dude :grin: