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Can't kickstart Honda NSR150 (2 stroke)

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by lemontree, Sep 17, 2011.

  1. Hey folks,

    Ok so I just got my Honda NSR150SP from a private dealer.

    Basically I am having problems kickstarting the bike after a few hours of non use. I usually have to jump start it. I realised I can easily kickstart it back on after the bike hasn't been used for a short time, since the oil and petrol are warmed up.

    I usually have the choke pulled out and fuel tap on. Does it need servicing? i.e clogged carby? Is it expensive to get this done?

  2. private dealer? that's a contradiction. it's either private or a dealer.

    nevertheless, would need more info to diagnose anything at all, but yes a carb clean/balance wouldn't be wasted money unless it had been done within the last 5000ish km (a number i just pulled from my a$$)
  3. sorry I meant private seller.

    The bike's done 13,000km. Not sure when the last major service was. Also what I noticed is that sometimes the headlights and meter readings go dim when i turn the ignition on. Possible low battery? After a few minutes of riding, they light up bright as it's charged while the engines running.

    Would this have any affect on the kickstart?

    How much do you think a carby clean would be?
  4. You probably need new piston rings, maybe a new spark plug. If you kick it over with the fuel on too many times you'll flood the engine, so if you can't get it in the first few kicks, turn the fuel off and keep kicking. Also try giving it a little throttle as you kick. Also how hard are you kicking it? You need to be pretty forceful. Wow how many times did I just type kick...
  5. at 13k it'd definitely need servicing. i'd forgotten about a rebuild, as whitey mentioned. a few people have done it and written abou tit on here, have a gander in the tech sections.

    if you can turn off the headlights, turn them off and try booting it. i've heard rumours of the lights making it hard to start. battery could be on the way out, but there's no real way to tell without taking it to a battery shop and asking them to test it out.

    can't put a price on a carby clean, i've never paid for one (never done one myself either to walk you through, but this is the interwebz, ask uncle google if you wanna give it a crack yourself)
  6. mate there is abit of an art to kick starting. if you can roll and warm start it no worries id say the problem is setting the choke right. you dont always want it completely engaged when starting.

    if you flood it. fuel tap off and kill switch off. WOT and belt the kick lever for a good 10 strokes. and remember its a 2 stroke, so a fast hard kick is needed, also make sure you use the full stroke of the kickstarter.
  7. It sounds like the battery may be a problem if you're unable to start it after a while. If you have a multimeter, measure the voltage of the battery. Anything under 12.4 volts and the battery is flat.

    When you have the bike running, measure the battery voltage. Anything under 13.2V and your regulator/rectifier is cactus.

    The choke is only needed to start the bike up when it is cold.
  8. The symptoms are a bit too vague for a diagnosis. Could be a host of issues.

    If the battery is suspect check it as it may affect starting. If the bike hasn't had a tune for a while and you have no clues that would probably be a good start.

    Ring the guy you bought from and ask him how he started the bike, it may require a specific technique.

    NSR150 is not uncommon, also try a google and see if you can find any common issues which need to be looked at or even simply the best starting technique.
  9. thanks all for your input. I will try those suggestions tonight and will report back

  10. hi all sorry to revive an old thread but im having a similar prob with my bike. the things a biatch to kick over. the battery(a new one at that) isnt powering anything on accessory point on igintion barrel. it wont idle it just dies. the indicators dont flash but seem to get stuck on at higher rpm yet at low rpm still flash fine. what shits me is that it looked to be a regulator problem so i switched it out for a new second hand one yet i still have the same problem. is it the stator then?? if so where would i go about purchasing a new one?? any help would be greatly appreciated guys. thanks in advance
  11. I would identify the source of the problem before spending any more money. It sounds like an electrical problem but it's the interweb so it's hard to say. I'd get a multimeter, a service manual with the wiring diagram and start probing. On a bike like this is shouldnt be that hard. To speed it up you can see if the condition is affected by removing fuses. The fact you don't have power at the ignition (that's how it reads) likely means its on the ignition circuit which is usually the central and largest one. Good luck,
  12. check your fuses, check all your connectors are plugged in and each core in the connector is good. Clean all your earths and then see how you go.
  13. Not sure about your electrical problem skonas.
    But if anyone has a problem kick starting an NSR150SP, the problem is not the battery. The bike will start just fine without a battery connected.
    There are a few simple things to check.
    Do you have a spark? (remove spark plug and kick bike over to see if there is a spark, be careful not to start a fire)
    Is there fuel getting to the cylinder? (when you pulled the spark plug out could you smell fuel? was it wet?)
    Do you have oil and is your oil pump working (may need workshop manual for this one).
    I have found with these bikes that if you let them sit for longer than a couple of days you are going to have to kick them a few times before they start, i think it is that the oil in the cylinder evaporates over time and so it takes a few kicks to get a new coating on the cylinder and rings.

    My procedure:
    Choke on FULL

    Do not open the throttle, engine will die

    (i have never had a problem with flooding on these bikes)

    Wait until engine revs up and reduce choke to keep revs around 3000rpm for a bit, then reduce choke and let bike warm up. Now you can use the throttle!!