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Can't Keep This To Myself

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by lowercase, Dec 24, 2007.

  1. Okay, so yes, I got the job!! It's an amazing opportunity, but my friends are sick of hearing about it now, and I still need to tell people.

    And, about 3.5 hours ago, I got the news that I'm starting on the 7th of Jan!

    The job: Head receptionist for the second top science lab in Australia. Data entry, phones, front desk, general errands, paperwork and filing, emails and diary management.

    The pay is brilliant, conditions are brilliant, people seem lovely, and guess what... There is a bike mechanics just up the road!! They are nice too :)

    Anyway.. lastly... Merry Chrissy everyone.

    Tomorrow I am going to the beach (get there 7am, leave 10am), then to my mums for lunch which will be weird because we had a huge fight last night... As my family always does around Chrissy time though they are getting better or I just ignore it more...

    I'm completely moved into my dads house now - so things on that end are stable...

    I know this is a boring post probably... but well :) get over it :p

    Night everyone

    Drive / ride safe, eat lots, don't drink and drive / ride and don't get in a car or on the back of a bike when the driver / rider has been!

    Also, tip people over the next week in Service Stations. When I worked in the servo, the last thing I wanted was impatient people. And people who left even a little tip really made my day :)

    all the best.

    (oh, by the way - internet is slow here... to those who talk to me on msn, I have to download it, I should be on it soon... hopefully!!)

    holly in lowercase
  2. So you'll be seeing alot more of PP :grin:

    Congrats :cool: :)
  3. Congratulations Holly, nothing like an exciting new job to to lift your spirits and propel your into 2008. Good for you girl
    :grin: I assume you will be scanning the parking area for a suitable showcase position for your bike?
  4. Good on you hols and have a good crissy.
  5. se fergin, gad, yep. good :beer:
  6. Congrats Holly :beer:
    and Merry Christmas
  7. Nice news right on xmas :)

    Enjoy and congrats! :)
  8. Thanks guys!! I'm just buzzing, it's so exciting!! Yeah, perfect timing for wicked news :grin:

    I think some celebratory drinks / lunch is in order!! Well, we're preparing lunch at the moment, so yay :D
  9. Pfft, only the second best one? :p

    Well done, hope it all works out well for you :grin:
  10. 2nd top lab? Which is that? ANSTO?
  11. No.

    And I forgot to add second top science TESTING lab, environmental.

    Second top because they shall be the top by 2010. :) Well, predicted, hopefully.

    And the top was too disorganised, which is one of the guys left and now works at the second top one - it's growing at an amazing rate already!

    So stop yo' bikkerin'! :blah: hehehe :)
  12. Congrats on the job. \:D/
  13. Of course they will be now that they've got you onboard! Go get 'em girl! I predict you'll be management in no time!

    Now might be a good time to search helmet hair! pmsl!

    congrats & all the very best!
  14. Awww!! Thanks you!!! :hugs:

    Management would be sweeeeet... but imagine a receptionist paid just as much because I am irreplacable :grin: :grin:

    I like to feel wanted and needed! :)

    I get my contract through in a few days, so we'll see how we go! :grin:
  15. Never let yourself become "irreplacable". You'll never get promoted if no one can fill your shoes. :wink:
  16. That's great news Holly, congrats.

    So, I'll be hearing all about it at coffee then tomorrow......should I bring ear plugs :p (just kidding)
  17. Thanks :)

    I'm still swooning!!!
  18. Congrats Holly! Hope you have a good new years and you'll have enough time to get over it then start the new job!