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Can't have a nice car because I have a bike!!

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by moog, Jan 10, 2008.

  1. #1 moog, Jan 10, 2008
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    Someone told me recently that since I had a 'nice' car (its a modified Golf GTI) that it was unfair that I also had a bike (I've got an 08 Vstar Custom)

    Um unfair? I saved up and paid for both in full. Yes I was also confused but I've encountered a number of people lately that think it's excessive to have a bike and car.

    Have you guys made a choice about which car to drive based on what type of bike you ride? ie If you have an R1 you must also have a fast car. Or because the R1 is so fast you don't need a fast car so you have a cheapie?

    Well it got me thinking and once I actually thought about it hard I realised that maybe I didn't need both the GTI and the bike, and my wife had been eying off the Golf for a while so I gave her my car, sold her Beema and bought myself a little run-a-bout. She said I had a bike for 'fun' anyway.

    So I bought a little car called a Daihatsu Cuore (3 cyl 900cc) and with a total budget of $500 we pimped it hard.

    You can see the vid of it here:


    So now I have the bike for the weekends, the runabout for the week, and the GTI when I ask kindly.
  2. F#$k em. If you want both, have both.

    Myself, I have a cheap bike ($5k), and an even cheaper car ($3.50). Ideally I'd like a zx6r and a sporty car in good condition. When I can afford to run both without it being a massive drain, I surely will.

    Until then, I love my cheap bike and I'll probably run it til it explodes. And my car is fun in a 'the car is tripoding around this corner, we might all die haha' kind of way (although I do dislike having such a crap, heavy, fuel guzzling, inefficient, slow, ugly, etc. car)

    As I said, F#@k em.
  3. Only ONE car and ONE bike? :?

    Need to work some more mate............ :wink:

    There are plenty here who have multiple cars and bikes, and why the f#$k not! Why else do you go to work?
  4. "Nice" car?


    I can't for the life of me understand why people spend so much money on cars. As long as it has aircon and can carry lots of crap it's good enough for me.
  5. Oh yeah?? :wink: Next time you're in sydney check out my 626, it'll change your mind.. how they only got 70hp from 2.2L is beyond me :rofl:
  6. +1, 40k+ for a euro (front wheel drive?) four banger god knows why peolple buy these things as they're way over priced in the ausie market IMO.

    Im sure thyre fun to drive and go like the clappers but they're not my cup of tea.
  7. i have a van... to carry my bikes. :grin:
  8. 2 nice bikes and a car here.
    Tell'em to go ta hell!

  9. laugh as you twist the wrist and leave 'em behind
  10. Yeah... it's called "Jealousy".

    Next time tell ask em if its unfair cos they are a pov c#%t :LOL:

    For the record... I have a POS bike and car. So good for you! :grin:
  11. Alot of people scorn that I have a bike and have a newish car which i'm modifying and saying I should save more. Well good for them if they want to buy a house sooner than me with a nice coffee machine and lounge room suite, i'm just doing what I fcuken enjoy now, let them conform to expected living values and have that empty feeling cause they never did the things they really wanted to do.
  12. I have a bike, a car, and a 4WD ute.

    "What the bloody hell do you need all those for?"

    "For whatever I want."
  13. i have 2 cars and a bike.

    In theory:
    1 reliable daily worth about $4k to drive around in and can fit my mates in the car when we all go out also to keep the km's down on my other car and bike
    1 drift car worth about $12k + another $12k in mods for weekends and track use but occasionally taken out on the streets
    1 bike for just riding in the hills on good days

    In reality:
    the daily stays at home till something breaks on my other car or bike
    the 180sx gets driven every day
    the bike gets ridden whenever i feel like it and my mates arent busy

    hopefully ill be adding another bike to the equation i want to get a dirt bike now :)

    but i hate vicroads im only 20 and still at uni and i have 3 regos due all within 1 month so im only paying the rego on the daily and ill keep the other 2 parked at home and unregistered (for now)
  14. i have the SV, and a WRX. both fun as hell in their own ways. but saying that, im gunna sell the rex (or try to) i use the bike more than the car, and as im in debt for them ,i dont see the point in have a car like that just sitting in the driveway. since ive got the bike, i use it as my main form or transport and on it nearly every day. i took the car for a drive to balarat last week for the hell of it, but before that, id put 40k's (not a typo) on the car in a month. no point having it there if im not using it. im gunna go get a shit hep car for shopping and beer runs, but other than that i dont really need one right now.
  15. I sold a quick car that was getting me police attention whilst not giving me as much enjoyment as a bike.

    I bought a ute so the bike could go in the back.

    That's my two car/bike related decisions.
  16. i have a car...WITH A 1300cc MOTOR!!! yeah beat that!! two in one!!!

    new wheels in a month
  17. I have 2 cars and a bike.

    1, show car (currently up forsale)
    2, A $500 laser for a shopping trolly and trips to the ACT.
    3, My R6, which see's most of the action coz i love it to much to get off!

    I agree, I work hard for my money, have no family, where else is it going to go?
  18. 6 cars (i know i gotta get rid of a few) and two bikes.. :) Well thats between me and the missus.

    2007 ford focus zetec (daily)
    1969 HT Prem wagon (incomplete project)
    1971 Mini (incomplete project)
    1991 EA falcon wagon (daily/sh1t carrier)
    1984 VH commodore (sitting there doin nothing)
    1984 corona (i think its 84. rusted to the sills :) )

    2005 Honda VTR 250
    1991 Kawasaki ZXR 250

    Oh and im a part owner of a 2006 skicraft senator wake boarding boat :)

    I love playin with all of em. Well the ones that are worth playin with :) So tell em to go jump and enjoy your toys
  19. Watched that vid. Funny as. Well Ive got the commuter (GS500) and the kids car (S/Wagon) and the weekender (Trumpy America). Now I don't need the commuter (GS) so I'll sell it and get a sports tourer. Simple. :wink: Life is cheaper now without a wife...
  20. friend of mine has a brand new bmw 335i (costs roughly $100k), and a very nice vtr1000, no big deal, your friends are jealous.