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Cant go to work tomorrow..There is a %^%^$ Huntsman in my car!

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by chicken78, Sep 12, 2011.

  1. Had some spare time to catch up on some gardening, and trim up the lilly pilly hedge down the drive, before old mate across the road assaults it and leaves it fighting for its life....Again!(bless him...means well)

    Parked the work car at outside the garage, next to the hedge, window open, to hear some tunes. Went to jump in before, and wind up the window, only to be greeted by the following: (keep in mind, the one inhabitating my car is at least the size of a soccer ball...no really, it is)


    Im not scared of anything(ok 2 things, one of them is spiders). I flatly REFUSE to get in the car, I had the shit under surveillance with the torch, now ive lost him. And Im not playing hide and seek with a 8 legged, furry, ugly critter. Asked the emo kid next door to fetch it. I say its a boys job, he says equal oppurtunity. So now im stuck, because if he doesnt come out, im sure as hell not going in.

    How does one little eencie weencie spider get someone so shitscared...I cant be the only one?
  2. ATGATT it back to work and let them sort it out
  3. I take it public transport is not an option?
  4. hahaha you girl! oh wait.....

    nah i gotta say they're not that scary.

    that said, they still make me need clean shorts when they drop on my lap from the sun visor
  5. I NEVER pull the "Im a girl line" but if there is a spidee involved, its all out.
  6. and who wanted the spidee outfit earlier? Have you thought of one of those 'bug bombs' chuck a can into your car, it'll kill the little creep crawley for you
  7. Im thinking the vacuum, that will suck him out........
  8. get the guy in the spiderman suit from the other thread, I'm sure he'll know what to do :LOL:
  9. Cute little one isn't it.....
    So symetrical in design... :LOL:
  10. Here's a thought, maybe it was so big cause it was pregnant, I hear those things have like a thousand little bloody huntman kiddies,

    hope you catch HER soon, before she gives birth... :)
  11. vacuum will scare it into a tight spot like in your vents of the air cond lol best use the fumigation method, let the car stink like buggery at least you'll find a dead daddy long legs in the morn, and you can drive safely to work after you open all doors and windows to let the smelly crap out.. then you'll be driving and thinking, was he REALLY dead? and at the lights you look up!!! lol

    shit I spotted a fat farkerr under my dogs food bowl the other nite might have to invest in roach spray and spray the area
  12. THAT joe is NOT my definition of CUTE!
  13. im still nervous around spiders,
    bug bomb is an idea, but that just usually pisses spiders off, im yet to find a bugspray that kills spiders without drowning them in it.

    what animals eats a spider?????
  14. Hairspray pisses them off too spena! found that out the hard way
  15. Car wash with all the windows open will do the trick :rofl:
  16. Nobby, you're an evil old bastard.

    That's why we love you :D.
  17. I hear that putting a bigger spider in the car will help.
  18. What, no offers of help to go over there and get the damn spider out? Come on guys! :p
  19. maybe you need to put in a bird to catch the spider,
    then a cat to catch the bird,
    then a dog to catch the cat,
    then a goat to catch the dog,
    then a cow to catch the dog,
    then a horse to -
  20. Cats are immune to spider bite/venum if my memory serves me right, watched cats actually play and then eat spiders on a doco once.