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Can't get the smile off my face

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Melbgirl, Jul 9, 2008.

  1. Woo hoo ... passed my L's yesterday .... rode to work this morning :grin:

    Couldn't believe how worried I was when I was getting my gear on this morning ... a thousand things kept going through my mind ... what if I stall ... what if I can't find the gear I want ... what if somebody cuts me off and i panic .... what if I don't like going 100km/h (we have to go straight out onto a freeway!!) .... and many other concerns. I guess all the usual stuff new riders worry about!

    Hubby followed me on his bike to make sure I was not doing anything critically wrong and so he could give me tips on how to react or do things better. It was a pretty foggy morning and only 4 degrees but fortunately no rain. I wasn't even cold!!!! (sorry .. that's a lie ... my neck was freezing).

    But all in all ... I absolutely LOVED it. There were lots of times that I was below the speed limit but I figured that people could just go past me.

    A few things I learnt that I will fix tomorrow morning:

    1. Allow an extra 10-15 mins in the morning to gear up and let the bike warm up.
    2. The visor was un-usable. Fogged up when it was down and after a little while had too much moisture on it to give visibility - so I went 25 mins with the cold air on my face (brrrr)
    3. Take shoes to work .. currently walking around in my boots!!!

    I can't wait to go home tonight so that I can get back on the bike again!!!! It's scary ... but it's awesome fun scary so I think that's a pretty good thing.

    If I wasn't hooked before, I'm definitely hooked now!!!

    :grin: :grin:
  2. Congrats, thats awesome.

    No advise from me, your hubby will surely give you all you need.
    Well done for getting oin the bike and having a go.

    Have fun!
  3. Yeah Johnno told us about it :LOL: congrats, enjoy :!:
  4. .. and a good time was had by all :LOL:.....
  5. Its a great feeling isn't it! And wait till you go out onto a windy road - 10 times better again!

    I don't know how y'all can ride when it is that cold! A tip form Brisbane - when it gets down to a chilly 15 or so here, breath in the nose & out the mouth (blowing straight down) can help reduce foggy visors & leave the visor slightly open at the bottom. Best option, get some "stuff" to wipe on the visor (look for "cat crap" on this site) and there are "acessories" you can get for most helmets - one of which is a nose type guard which also helps.

    Ya gotta keep your visor clear to see where your going!
  6. Well Done Melb Girl !!!! \:D/
    Try using a fogoff mask, or anti-fog insert ... beats freezing those lips and nose :p
  7. congrats on the move into the 2 wheeled world.....i love reading new riders first experiences on bike....guess helps reminds me of my first commute/ride
  8. :biker:
    Well done
  9. Well Done Melbgirl!!!

    isnt it a awesome feeling
    and its great to see another husband and wife riders pair out there

  10. Theres no doubt about it this *is* the only way to commute!

    I cant believe how much difference its made - not only do I do my daily trip in about 1 THIRD of the time it took on the bus - but I arrive at work relaxed and happy instead of wanting rip peoples heads off!.. and when I get home I'm similarly relaxed and happy instead of being a gumpy bastard every evening!!

    Riding a bike has transformed my mental health - Everyone should do it!

    I too was really scared before my first trip in tyraffic - but its been WAAY easier than I'd imagined. I love it.

    Oh and as for fogging - I've found that visor 'down' I will fog up, but if I leave a small gap I can find a compromise between freezing-fly-eater 'visor up' and blinded-by-fog 'visor down'. I second what Tamarasu said about breathing - and when I'm stopped at the lights I often find myself trying to exhale through a forced over-bite to direct my breath downwards and avoid fogging!

    Good to hear theres more of us having fun! :grin:
  11. Well done!

    Safe riding for the future.
  12. 35 years on I'm still loving it.

    Welcome to a special place, melbgirl
  13. May i suggest a neckwarmer.......just started wearing one last couple of rides.......freaking awesome things!!! U can also apparently get blaclava type things that cover the nose aswell to help the fogging issue(havnt used one myself?) But yeah im sure uve looked into this neways!
    Oh yeah congrats on the licence!
  14. congrats! Great to hear you had the Hubby on board too. That will really help. I had my Girlfriend do a similar thing for me when I first started and even though you never stop learning, once your rides arnt always exclusively 'class room' focused and you both can just miander along, that smile on your dial will be extra cheeky.

    oh and your comments..

    1. Allow an extra 10-15 mins in the morning to gear up and let the bike warm up.
    2. The visor was un-usable. Fogged up when it was down and after a little while had too much moisture on it to give visibility - so I went 25 mins with the cold air on my face (brrrr)
    3. Take shoes to work .. currently walking around in my boots!!!

    GOLD! Especially #3 as I set here at work feeling like Im carrying lead weights in my shoes.

    You dont realise how long it takes to go through the dress-gear-bike routine. I was running late all the time when i first starting riding everywhere. You then put pressure in yourself which isnt good when your a new rider : )
  15. Congratulations Melbgirl, welcome aboard.

    I usually wear a pair of clear glasses (got them up from work) under my visor all the time, or tinted if it's a sunny day. There's few things worse than riding in the rain or fog and having visibility down to zilch with the visor down. With the visor up at least you'll be protecting your eyes from whatever comes your way. As for your neck, grab yourself a neck sock (is that the right name for them?), makes a helluva difference.
  16. Another tip for when riding with the visor up. No matter how much you grin, make sure you keep your mouth shut. It can take hours to get the taste of a big juicy grasshopper out of your mouth!
  17. What with one thread title '40 year old virgin' and now this one talkin' about 'cant get the smile of my face' I had a quick doubletake at which website I'd opened........ :p :p
    Congrats on the ride Melgirl.........you'll do all right just take it easy & enjoy......dont know whether you're the right vintage but you could always pull out one of those Farrah Fawcett legwarmers that ya wont be seen dead in and whip it over your head :grin: because thats all the neckwarmer is... :LOL: alternatively, $20 will get you a newie from
    R/Jays........and I can vouch for them, they are bloody great :wink:

    Cheers & wish you well
  18. Took the words right out of my mouth!