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Cant get the seat off.....

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Removed_User_5, Sep 29, 2006.

  1. How do you unlock and take off the seat on a CBR600f. I cant find a bloody key hole anywhere.

    Bet there is a simple answer but I dont know what it is so HELP.....

  2. Nobody help him! Let's see how long this can continue for :).
  3. Better not go on for long as i got my head stuck...
  4. Gotta take the 'boot' apart first on my bike before you can get to the seat bolt.

    Dunno about a CBR600

    ... there's no button on the key? :p
  5. Same 'ere - boot then bolts.

    But the CBR600F has one big seat, doesn't it? :p
  6. Mr Charmed said,

    "There is no key hole, you gotta pull the two small side fairings off, & there is a bolt either side of the seat".

    Should lift off after that.
  7. There is a release switch on the front disk rotor :p
  8. Meanies! There is a key hole at the back of the bike above the numberplate....near the grab rail (from memory) turn it and then slide the whole seat assembly backwards :grin:
  9. The seat was never designed to be removed - the CBR600F is a sealed unit. You can order a new one at any Honda dealer.

    I have a trailer if you need someone to take away the old one.
  10. Spoil sport :p

    Isn't the keyhole above the numberplate?
  11. If you cant get it off try talking in a really sexy voice and lots of foreplay :p
  12. Z900, you forgot lube. lots of lube.