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Can't get the &*^%$£ gear lever off :-(

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by Bigchief, Jun 13, 2008.

  1. I managed to (gently) drop my VTR250 on the left side. I clung on to he bike for dear life so that it ended being a (gentle) "put down" rather than a drop but seems the weight of the bike was enough to bend the gear lever... :mad:

    I have tried getting the gear lever off, but no matter which way I turn the nut, it won't budge... :cry:

    Any ideas? I managed to straighten it slightly but I'd like to take it off completely to do a proper job...
  2. Use a screwdriver to hold the nut from the top then undo the retaining bolt at the bottom. This will allow the nut to slip out from the top and viola the lever is off.

    Just a word of caution the lever is made frm aluminium so if you try bending it too much it will snap. A replacement lever is only $15 odd from your local friendly honda dealer...
  3. Actually closer to $33.94 + GST champ :wink:
  4. Thanks guys...I have been ringing around and all of the Honda dealers will have to order it in.

    It's fairly OK now to ride as is but I will definitely order a new one.

    Thanks for your replies
  5. well i paid 15 for my brake lever and only 44 for an adjustable one.... and this is for a VTR 250 which i used to own....

    oh well this may well be the pricing disparity between sydney dealers
  6. Thanks guys. Ordered a new one from SCM. $38... will get them to put it on as well.

  7. A VTR gearlever is mild steel like just about all bikes of this sort, since it bears directly on the gear selector shaft without any intermediate linkage.

    It is easily straightened, usually without even removing the lever from the shaft. Mind you, if you are not experienced or don't understand the mechanics involved it would be safer to do it off the bike.

    There is no nut on a VTR250 gearlever pinch bolt. If the bolt can be turned in either direction without being tightened or loosened, someone a little hamfisted has stripped the thread, so a new lever will be required.

    If it is not stripped, the bolt needs to be removed completely before the lever will come off, since as a security precaution, it tightens up inside/beside a notch in the selector shaft which prevents the lever from falling off, even if the bolt gets loose.

    Of course, if the bolt gets loose the lever will rotate around the shaft...


    Trevor G
  8. Or if the thread is stripped, you could buy a longer bolt and fit a nut to it and save the cost of a new lever.
  9. Adjustable? Does this allow you to move the level further from the pegs? I have big feet and with boots on, its a bugger to get them in and out from behind the lever.


  10. So got a new lever from SCM, and they also put it on for me but it's slightly too high. So I want to adjust it slightly down....problem is...again, cannot the bolt off :cry:

    There is no nut at the bottom... jus the bolt. But the &^%£$ thing won't budge. Tried WD40 etc... no luck.... :cry: :cry:
  11. I have been struggling to get the bolt loose to readjust the lever. Finally today, I went to Bunnings and got myself a 'Kincrome +Plus Socket Set'.
    Bolt came off with ease...just goes to show it does pay spending a bit more money on decent tools.

    Oh and not sure if it was in NR or at SR where I got the advice:
    "Lefty Loosey, Righty Tighty"... unfortunately with the VTR, I discovered today, it is just the opposite (as far as the gear lever bolt goes) :p

    Unless of course, it is meant that 'turning anti-clockwise' to loosen the bolt, then I guess it is "lefty loosey, righty tighty"