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cant get neutral - cbr1000f *edit* solved, thanks guys!

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by _joel_, Jul 30, 2006.

  1. ok, so i got a cbr1000f
    the bike absolutley hammers, rides well (for what it is) and on the whole is a joy to ride.
    the only annoyance is that i cant get neutral while the motor is actually running.
    selection is easy with the motor off and once in a blue moon i can get it (motor running) but only on the down-shift but thats very rare and i have to stand on one leg and squint my left eye.

    i have learnt to put up with it so far, but you know what its like, riding with your mates, pull up at the lights and you just wanna high5 everyone? i feel left out.

    any thoughts about it would be appreciated.
    i have the w/shop manual which does not cover this as far as troubleshooting goes. maybe a clutch adjustment? a brocken spring in the gearbox? i dunno.
    my mechanical ability is average, so if i knew what i was looking for i could probably fix it. i just cant go in blind as i will bust something.

    edit- ok, so i am apparently also average at using forums. a simple scroll down and i see a very similar post with possible solutions. im going out to try some that have been mentioned below. however if you have anything specific to my bike i would appreciate the help.

  2. Re: cant get neutral - cbr1000f

    I had the same issue with a friends bike i borrowed. its really crap!! especially on long rides with lots of traffic lights :(
    My bike has started being touchy about neutral too.
    any help apreciated!!
  3. could just be a technique thing specific to the cbr1000 and you haven't stumbled into finding it yet.

    on my zzr250 i gave it a solid knock up from 1st and it went into neutral, however on the z750 it requires half a tap, otherwise it goes into second. just something i had to get used to.
  4. that makes sense, as one of the first things i learnt about motorcycles is that they all have a "nack" whether it is regarding to starting it or other.
    i'm just hoping it is easy to work out
  5. yeeeeeeeeee haaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    just did a couple laps of the driveway, and to my surprise the simplest technique was the solution.
    with motor running, and still gently rolling i give the gear selector a soft upwards tap from first and BINGO im in neutral.
    now i need to rally the dudes so i can go on a hi-5-a-thon!!

    to think i have been riding this for over a year and didnt work it out (forehead slap)

    cheers netriders
  6. My CBR1000F (94) was similar, but not as bad as Joel was describing. Either that I had the technique down pat.

    But it did catch me out on occasions. Under hard acceleration and quick changes I'd find the odd false neutral, usually between 3rd and 4th. That could be embarrassing at times, too.
  7. havent found a false neutral yet, and i gave her a fair workout yesterday mixing up with a brand spanking new buell and a fossil biker on a fxdwg with a ridiculous s&s motor in it (a harley that wheelstands).
    needless to say i held them at bay, that is until mr buell gets the hang of his ride i guess.
    fingers crossed on the false neutral
  8. Another technique that works for me even when stopped (don't ride a CBR though) is to very lightly engage the clutch till the bike just starts to move -not even an inch mind you, pull the clutch in & lift the gear lever at the same time. Give this a shot & see if it works.