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Cant get 2nd gear consistently

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by bambam_101, Sep 25, 2006.

  1. Hi,

    Over the last week or 2 of riding my Hyo GT250R, ive been noticing that quite often im missing second gear and hitting neutral. Most of the time its fine and clicks through easily, but then the other times, no matter how hard you shift the lever, she wont go past neutral. I thought at first it was just me being a bit slack with my changes but im now being very precise with my changes and still having the same issue.

    Also, having alot of trouble shifting down gears. Quite often i will clutch in, brake and then pull to a stop. Once stopped i go to shift down to 1st but have no feeling in the lever at all. It moves but gears dont change. It takes a few seconds before it decides that it will shift gears. Does it occassionaly going up gears too. Its becoming quite dangerous as you accelerate through first and then hit neutral, fiddle round for a second or two before getting second gear. Its only a matter of time till a car rear ends me.

    Peter Stevens have had a look at it and said my shifter was loose and tightened it. Still the same though.

    Anyone else here had gearbox issues like this before? Ive never ridden bikes before so im not sure what the gearbox should be like? Is this a quirk of most motorbike gearboxes? Or am I being fussy?

  2. Is the chain at correct tension?
  3. I would assume so. I picked it up on Friday after its first 1000km service. It says they checked that on the invoice.
  4. Check the chain anyway.
    Also downchange gears as you slow down, not when you're stopped - whether it be with the clutch in or using the lower gears as engine brakes - it's usually easier to engage them. You may need the lower gear to accelerate quickly or move if someone is about to shoot the red light you just stopped at and collect you on the way thru.
  5. Yeah i find downshifting when braking better but sometimes the gear lever just wont do anything. As i said, it moves but doesnt click. I then let the clutch out for a second, roll a bit further and then try again and all is good.

    Will check the chain tension tonight.

    Cheers guys
  6. Hi bambam_101,
    It's a new bike by the sounds of things!
    I would suggest: baking off the throttle while clutching and changing gears.
    Timing is everything and usually between 1st and 2nd you require a little more kick to get it in!
    When gearing down without clutching my bike slips it in at 5,000rpm, but I can do it at a higher RPM with the clutch.

    I sounds like you need to work on the gear change habbit!

  7. Yeah i thought it was just me at first but when it misses second gear, i have to kick it 3-5 times to get it in. Ive pretty much ruled out me being the cause. Never had an issue with 3rd, 4th or 5th gear.
  8. Having said all this, would any experienced netriders in melbourne care to meet up and take my bike for a spin to see what im talking about? Im positive its not me. Maybe occasionally but its happening probably 10 times every half hour of riding. I dont think im that slack with my changes......
  9. Mine sometimes does it. Do u give it enough revs. If ur trying to change gears with like low revs, it sometimes wont let u. With gearing down, if u stop and cant gear down, let the clutch out a bit so it moves the bike. Then pull the clutch in and try to change gears.
  10. The only other thing that I can think of is that you have recently done you first 1000KM service.
    They usually use running in oil for the first 1000km and thicker oil on from there on! Could be that you clutch is not disengaging properly or you might need to check your oil level!

    Have you had a word with your mechanic/dealer about it?

    How long have you had the bike and how long has it been doing this?

    I'm not doubting your skill but sometimes old habbits are hard to break!

  11. gonna take it to a mate tonight. He is a mechanic for the Yamaha motocross team so ill let him take it for a burn and see what he thinks. Ill do that before i call peter stevens back. No point getting them offside unless i have to.

    I rode a mates R6 the other week and the box had a much more positive feel to it. Didnt miss a gear change once. By comparison this box just feels sloppy. Its probably a minor problem with the box and partly me too being a bit slack. Thing that gets me is that for the first week of riding, didnt miss a beat. Now its happening all the time. Maybe im just getting a bit too comfortable on the bike.

    Thanks for all your input guys! Much appreciated. :grin:
  12. i put my bike in for an overhaul a week after i got it, and the mech. took it on himself to raise the gear-lever; said id find it easier. wrong. i found it kept hitting neutral because i didnt have leverage in my foot to get it up high enough. could be a similar problem for you, maybe the lever is too high; not too slack, just too hard to lever
  13. if it doesnt shift down when you have stopped try either letting off the clutch for a minute second or rolling back and fourth. but as previously stated its better to gear down as your coming to the intersection not once your at a complete stop.

    also the thicker oil with the wet clutch could be an issue.
    the joys of running in a new bike eh?

    seriously, the angle of your lever plays a big part, worth a look
  15. have you tried to adjust the gear lever. That maybe out of wack. Sometimes being just alittle out will be alot....?
  16. get some to go over it while u still have warranty.

    My 2nd gear on one of my bikes fcuks up just the same. and clutch slips at 4th, prob is its not worth fixing cheaper to get a new engine. mind u it was my first bike and i abused the gearbox way to much.