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Can't find VIN plate/sticker on ZX2R - help please!

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by dru, Jan 9, 2009.

  1. Hey all,

    I put this question up on my other thread in Bike Reviews, but it seems to have got lost in all the other posts, so I thought I might post it here instead.

    I've checked out a bike (ZX2R) and all looks good on the rego paper, owner's details check out fine, REVS checks out fine as well. However, I can't seem to find the VIN plate on the bike?

    Do you know where it should be located? I've checked everywhere on the frame (which I thought was where it's supposed to be) but I can't seem to find it. I know where it is on a car, but I'm a noob to bikes so I've got no idea.

    Any help is appreciated.

  2. Should be near the headstem.
  3. Sorry, pardon my noobness, but where exactly is the headstem? hahahaha. I told you I'm pretty bad with bikes :)
  4. Triple clamp which holds your handle bars. Look to the side of it on the frame.
  5. Ah right.. thanks! I'll check that tomorrow when I look at the bike again. Thanks again for the quick response Envy-t.
  6. oh yeah.. the other question I had was that on the rego, the VIN# didn't start with "IMP". I thought all grey imports had a VIN starting with IMP, but am I mistaken? I've owned a few grey import cars, so I thought it would be the same for bikes as well.
  7. The ones I have seen including mine, have IMP stamped midway through the vin.
  8. that's pretty strange then. The VIN on this (as stated on the rego) doesn't have any "IMP" at all. REVS check pulled out the record fine though. It's really weird!
  9. mine grey import has IMP0RT written in the middle of the vin. But you can also tell if the manufacturer isn't the business listed on the plate.
  10. Got the bike yesterday and I checked the headstem. Guess what.... the RTA have used the frame number as the VIN. So my VIN goes something like ZX250*********. Kinda stupid but that's the way they have it on the rego so I guess there's nothing I can do really.
  11. being an 1988 model it may not have a complience plate just a VIN
    pre ADR 1989 meaning it was engineered test and not complience tested
  12. It should be on the chassis rail about halfway up.

    The vertical number stamped on the headstem is the factory vin, which is useless in aus. And will generall be the same as, or very similar to, the Engine number which is stamped on the bottom RHS of the engine. (There is a small rectangle hole in the fairing for you to see the engine number).

    The vin you need will be 17 Digits, if you cant find a 17 digit Vin i'd be getting worried.
    And yeah it will have "1MP0RT" within the vin generally.
  13. Zbike is right. When I spoke to the insurance company (QBE) the helpful guy on the phone told me something similar. At first he was surprised, because it's obviously a shorter VIN number than the Aussie VIN numbers, but then he told me that mine must be one of the last few ones before they switched over to compliance plates/testing for '89 and above.

    All good though as everything matched up with the Engine number, original VIN and the rego papers.