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Can't find a suitable bike - Please Help

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Stubby344, Jan 26, 2008.

  1. Hi all,

    I am getting my L's in a couple of weeks :grin: , and am very keen to start riding ASAP. My issue is that I am 6'7" tall, and weigh about 145kg. Finding a 250cc bike that is comfortable has been a very frustrating task. I have sat on heaps of road/trail bikes, but I really want a road bike or tourer.

    I have been reviewing the NSW LAMS list, as I believe that Victoria are going to copy it from 01/07/2008. The only bike that I have found on it that is comfortable is the Honda Transalp 650cc.

    Can anyone give me a hint as to some other bikes which may be suitable?

    Hope someone can help.



  2. Welcome to the Forum

    Try a KLE 500 for another smooth twin or any of the dual sport singles; KLR, DR maybe even a BMW F650GS/Dakar - heaps of bikes for tall guys on LAMS
  3. Same problem here. I am tall and can't find a bike. Here's thread: https://netrider.net.au/forums/viewtopic.php?t=48370

    Looks like most of the sports/road type bikes, with squatting position is not for us tall people.

    Basically people suggest straight on to go for 650cc. I can't. 250cc is intimidating enough for learner.

    So far searching through forum I have list of bikes that may suit tall learner:
    Intruder 250
    Kaw er5
    Kaw eliminator 250
    honda cbr600
    not much.
  4. Guys, seriously, please have a look at the existing threads in this forum, and please use the Search function.

    This is your suggested reading BEFORE asking "what bike should I get" type questions: CLICK HERE
  5. On Ls? Good luck with that :p

    A single cyl 650 wouldn't be that intimidating if you're big enough.. not that I should comment since I haven't ridden one. George on his KLR650 (Ls) is doing well with his, and it looks like alot of fun :grin:
  6. We are talking about specific problem. For tall person, the legs/feet does not fit comfortably in regular learners bike like VTR250 and cause problems when riding.

    People suggest 600cc bikes, cruisers because they got bigger frame. but for learner that is too much to handle.
  7. No it isn't, not if you are tall(ish).

    To be totally honest a 650 cruiser is *easier* to ride than a 250 cruiser, as well as being nicer to ride.
  8. Not really a fair statement.

    Some 600's are lighter than 250s! And many 600s are less powerful than 250s in terms of HP. CC doesn't necessarily mean squat, depends on tune of engine and engine design (cylinder, bore, stroke, etc.) as to whether they are learner friendly.
  9. :eek:hno: :eek:hno:
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    please dont hurt me :shock:
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  10. i know :!:
    i'll be your best friend :grin:
  11. can you name many?

  12. SRX-600 - 42hp
    Cagiva River 600 - 33hp
    Cagiva Canyon 600 - 34hp
    Dnepr 650 - 32hp
    Honda VT600 - 40hp

    That's just a few on the LAMs list.
  13. +1 on the search....having said that though, there are PLENTY of bikes in teh LAMS list that'll suit you. The dual purpose bikes mentioned above would kill it, the KLE would be a great general purpose bike, whether in town or on teh highway.
    None of them are flighty, dangerous bikes to ride, that's why they're on the LAMS list. In fact, I will go as far as to say that alarger capacity, heavier bike is EASIER to learn to ride, as it has more mass, making ham fisted brake, clutch and throttle operations more forgiving, the extra weight making them less flighty on bumps, and the larger, much more torquey engines are easier to use for moving a bike off.
    The only people who defend 250's are the ones that are stuck with em....
    Oh, and is the Z 650 still on the LAMS list? 65hp.....

    Regards, Andrew.
  14. thank you jd :)
  15. Thanks for idea about 600s, but I can't seem to find 600cc bike that weight is comparable to say, VTR250.
    600s they all are around 100kg more than 250s. at least what I can find.
    Can you give some example of 600cc bike that has weight in range of 250?
  16. The SRX and Cagivas in the list I posted earlier are all about the same weight as a VTR (only 10-20kg heavier). Most of the off-road/dual-sport style 500-650cc bikes on the LAMs list wouldn't be much heavier or more powerful than a VTR either (though they often have a huge amount of torque).
  17. Gents,

    Many thanks for all your suggestions. Unfortunately we here in Victoria are still trapped in the <260cc 'Graduated Licencing' plan. LAMS will be implemented down here in July (supposedly). I have been looking at the NSW list of approved bikes, mainly because I have had confirmation that VicRoads are going to "copy" it.

    My girlfriend has a Honda CBR600F, and I seem to fit on it OK, the only issue is that it is not on the NSW LAMS list. The few that I have sized up that are on the LAMS list are all tourers (eg: Honda Transalp 650).

    I will keep searching, at once I have my L's (Feb 16/17), it'll make it easier to select a bike, because I can ride them.

    Thanks Again.
  18. Weight isn't very important unless one is very small and *very* lightly built. But if you are a 145cm/50kg flea weight then sure... buy a 250.

    For most people the 10 to 20% difference in weight simply isn't a big issue.
  19. check out the zzr, they are quite a tall bike, for a 250
  20. I'm about 6"4 or 5... 194cm tall.

    I went to sit on a GS500 yesterday, and I seemed to fit, but i was uncomfortable. I think I didn't feel right because of the configuration of the bike. I'm used to dual purpose bikes, which are taller and thinner.
    I'm sure I could get used to the wide feeling. Should I sit on a larger road bike and see if I feel the same feeling? (the thought just occurred to me)

    Am I too big for the GS500 (can I modify it without throwing off the balance?)

    Ever since I saw the GS500, I've had it stuck in my head that it's perfect.
    It fits my budget, replacement parts are easy to get, because the GS remains relatively unchanged over the years, and it is reliable as all hell.
    I just like the bike...

    The transalp is another option but they're too expensive.

    I'm also in Vic, a learner and awaiting the new LAMS laws. I'm looking to buy around april. I've seen a DR650 kicking around town with L plates, so I guess there might be a bit of lenience from the local law enforcement (2 hours from the city).

    If I couldn't find something like the GS (or be able to make the GS fit me... maybe it does fit me and I don't know it) then I would have to go with a Yamaha XT250 (unless I could find a cheaper 600).

    The GS500 just sounds too good on paper :(