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Cant decide

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by 2wheelsagain, Nov 22, 2005.

  1. Hi. I'm looking to get back on a bike after being out of the saddle for to long. My preference is for a touring machine up to 5 years old. I'd like some comments on the following bikes. XJ900s, FJ1200, Bandit 1200, GSX750F & CB900/1000. My main issue is touring range. Would any of these be capable of 400km between fills?
    K's and general condition aside, which one should I go for?

    Thanks for any help.


  2. Odd one out is the Yamaha, and if touring is the MAIN consideration, then shaft drive HAS to be a major determining factor.
    Bikesales is listing S models, between 1994 and 1999 at between $4,200 - $9,500 depending on mileage, etc.
    XJs between 1983 and 1987 between $1,699 and $3,900.
  3. Thanks Paul. Touring i the MAIN consideration and the XJ is first choice due to the shaft but I dont want a bike that I have to put petrol in every time I stop for a stretch.
    I realise the FJ is a little long in the tooth but they seem to go for ever if looked after.

  4. I currently own an XJ900S and I used to own a Bandit 1200 and I used to own a GSX750F (not the current shape one but the diferences aren't great... appearence aside).

    The GSX750F is a small bike, low to the ground and good for short riders... good all rounder and fine for general touring. About 225 kms to reserve.

    The Bandit 1200 is a half faired bike with an upright riding position which makes long rides harder on your shoulders (wind drag). The fuel range is poorer (think 225 to dead empty... or lots less if you hoon it). The earlier shape Bandit has a sloping seat which pushes the rider into the tank and isn't that comfortable, the later version is significantly improved in headlight coverage, seat comfort and suspension performance.

    The Diversion (XJ900S) is a good tourer and the stock panniers are very usable. This is a different bike to the earlier XJ900 hornet600. The bike has good wind and rain protection (despite only having a half fairing) and the shaft drive is good for touring.
    Performance is adequate... more torque than the GSX750F and similar power to the GSX750F but less than the Bandit 1200. Lots less vibration than the Big Bandit too though which makes touring much less tiring.

    I have ridden mine 1000kms in a day and gotten off fairly fresh, doing the same on the GSX750F left me feeling cramped and sore and doing it on the Bandit 1200 left me feeling buggered.

    Having said all of the the Bandit 1200 is lots of fun on medium length rides (say 300 to 500kms) and all that torque is very usable.

    The GSX750F is reliable and suits shorter lighter riders but I'd choose something else.
  5. Great info and I'll let you know what I finish up with but it looks like I'll be visiting the servo's more often than I thought.
  6. What about the CBR1100XX, the best selling sports touring bike around, but you will only get about 360k's to a tank on a long ride, but heaps of power when you need it.
  7. Excellent point. Thanks.
  8. Hey man, it's a good excuse for a coffee!
  9. Im thinking you shouldnt discount zx9r kawasaki up to 250ks to reserve and position is decevingly comfortable and heaps of grunt and fun all rolled into one
  10. but gont tell that to the ppls that bought them as sportsbikes, they dont like you referring to the 9 as a tourer :LOL: for something thats meant to be a sportsbike, its waaaaay comfy :?:

    how bout the beemers? i dont know much about tourers myself, i'm a sucker for performance, but surely the german oggy knobs sell like they do for a reason?
  11. The new aprilla sports tourer . Have to check my mates mag but it's a 1000 with a range of between 400 to 450 kays . $19000 , not including on road costs.
  12. Whats wrong with an ST1300 or an FJR1300?
  13. Nothing wrong with any of these bikes. Just might be hard to get "authorisation" for 15 - 20 grand.
    Thanks for the input.
  14. if you have a lazy 10 k ................ you wont go past a second hand blackbird ... theres some awsome buys on these second hand some with under 10 k on the clock .... have a look about ... theres that many of em you can even pick a color .... iam tippin a lot of boy racers brought them ... and found out that although they have the power ... they cant cut it with the full on sporters
  15. ...or, why not a mighty naked Hornet 900, going out the door at your local Honda dealer for $11,990 ON THE ROAD!?