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Can't decide!!!

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by WestyRider, Mar 10, 2015.

  1. Would love everyone's opinion on a few bike I have been looking at as an upgrade once I get my P's. XVS650, Ninja 300/650, Versys 650, CBR500 & the MT-07. Current bike is a kymco ck 125. Great little bike to start out on but has pretty much used up its usefulness.

    Cheers & all opinions are appreciated
  2. All nice bike, all different riding styles.
    Go and sit on them all and see what you like then ride them
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  3. Wow that was quick lol

    thanks for the advice
  4. MT07 is a great bike. But I've only ridden that one out of the ones that were mentioned. Consider this though. There must be a reason why a lot of those bikes are extremely common.
  5. Also a Kwaka Z300 out now. All quality Jap bikes. Cant really go wrong with any of them. As already stated, you need to determine what you like (single/twin/four), if you want/like ABS, and then go sit on em or better still, ride your shortlist.
  6. First question you need to ask yourself is what sort of riding do you want to do? What's your style? Laid back cruising, long distances or sporty.

    My favourites on your list would be the Vstar, MT07 and CB500.

    The MT07 is probably the best of the Middle ground.
  7. Agree with the above - sit on them all and find out which one suits you best and which one is the most comfortable position. Obviously I chose the CBR 500R as the seating position was better for someone my height (6'3").
  8. As with all 'whats the best bike' threads the general advise is to find a bike that suits both budget and your size as a starting point.

    Find the one you feel is most comfortable to sit on, keeping in mind we do some long rides on the forum so you don't want a bike thats going to cause you discomfort should you wish to join one of these.

    What features do you think are important in a bike? Is it all the electronic gadgets like ABS , is it something as simple as a tacho or fuel gauge? Do you want heated grips etc

    Is the fuel tank and range something that needs to be considered?

    Do you like the race style of riding or do you prefer a straight up posture etc?

    Is this going to be a daily rider, mainly city streets or freeway miles...

    Do you want to go to track days etc? Do you want to go on weekend adventures in the mountains etc

    A bike should be an extension of you and your character. All of these small choices that you make will ultimately lead you to the bike that's best suited for you and your riding style and plans.

    I hope this gives you something to think about when it comes to the bikes you have chosen and which one suits you.

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  9. These are pretty much the exact bikes I'm and I guess many many LAMS riders are currently looking at.

    So far I've test ridden the Z300, Ninja 300, MT-07, ER6NL, CB500F, VTR250 and a Duke 390. For cruisers I've ridden the XVS650 and the Suzuki S40.

    My opinion? Well first off some background.

    This is my first road bike after getting RE license about 2 months ago. As much as I like some of the more expensive bikes on the list, and some are only available new, my head keeps telling me this is the first bike that will more than likely be replaced the day after I get my R license.

    That in mind, I've settled on getting a Ninja 300. These are the reasons.

    - Cost. For around $4.5-5k I can get a low kms ABS ninja. There are plenty around for that price. A guy quoted on here says he recently got a brand new Z300 for $6400 ride away which is about 1k cheaper then I was quoted. Even still, its the best part of 2k more expensive than the second hand ninja.....and apart from a slight change in riding position, and fairings its basically the same bike.
    - Great handling. The Duke had great handling but is much more expensive.
    - Light. Again the Duke was also very light, but refer to point 1.
    - Lower power. I think there is a lot to be said about getting a lower powered bike and learn to ride to its limits during this period then getting a higher powered bike and scratching the surface of your ability.
    - More go than all the 250's I've ridden by a fair bit.
    - Non-restriced. This is a big one as the ER6nL and the 650 ninja have a physical throttle restriction which I just didn't like. Also, given how easy they are to de-restrict, I'm not sure I could control myself to not de-restrict and place myself in deep poo should I crash.

    The MT-07 is a great bike, but can't see myself forking out that dough (even though I can easily afford to) for a learner bike.

    The cruisers were cool and I can see myself going that way later in life. But during this period I want to learn how to ride as best I can of which I think something sportier lends itself to more.

    I'm 182cm tall and about 80kgs for what it's worth.

    So bottomline, if you can pick up a cheap ninja 300 with low kms, you shouldn't lose much if anything the following year when flipping it for something bigger.
  10. I ride every day as it is the only vehicle I own. Plan on doing some long distance/interstate riding towards the end of the year. My ultimate bike would be a motorized computer with skulls painted all over it, that's if you take personality & style into account lol :hilarious:
  11. Although I must admit the MT-07 is growing on me

    And thanks for all the advice/opinions people you're all legends
  12. Someone touched on it in another thread regarding the new rules of having Ps for up to 3 years. My situation is I'll have this bike for around 12 months then I'll sell and upgrade.

    I know that if I was looking down the barrell of having a LAMS bike for 3 years instead of 12 months it would sway my thoughts towards getting a better/more expensive bike up front.
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    There is probably some undeserving stigma of the Learner approved label the MT07 has it make s 144kW:1000kg this is only scraping in under the 150kW maximum limit for LAMS bikes.

    by comparison the ninja 300's power to weight ratio is 131kW:1000kg a difference of 13kW were 1000kg but this number means very little as it is torque that launches bikes down the road and the MT07 has more than double the torque of the Ninja.

    The MT07 could very easily see a person through their learner and provisional stages and well into their Unrestricted license.

    If we compare the MT07 to the the popular R6, sure the R6 makes more power (not a huge amount more) it makes about the same amount of torque as the MT07 and I'm betting the MT-07 makes more torque at lower RPM.

    This doesn't mean the MT-07 is going to win a race with the R6, but the R6 rider might be a little nervous as the MT07 pulls out ahead before the R6 eventually passes it as it winds up.
  14. I guess what I meant when saying a 'learner' bike isn't a reflection on the bike itself, but rather what I'd be using it for.....learning.
  15. So a cross between a BMW and the Hells Angels huh?
  16. Buy the one with the most power to weight, hedonistic shift is a bastard.
  17. Something like that chilli lol
  18. I have a Kawasaki Z300 ABS and love it!
    But it is all up to you. Like other people have mentioned you're the one going to be sitting on it riding it everyday so it has to suit only you.
    I know this doesn't help in anyway lol.