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Cant decide on cheap bike

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by sylvaner, Jun 25, 2012.

  1. Hey guys, I'm going for my licence on Sunday and I'm looking for a first bike.
    The bike will mainly be used for small trips to the shops and the occasional trip from Melbourne to Ballarat.

    I have been looking at the Honda CBR125R for a while now, only because I can get it brand new for about $3k but after looking at 0-100KM I have decided not to go with it, Also heard people saying it wont keep up at highway speeds.

    I love the look of the CBR125R so I would love to get a similar looking bike..

    Does anybody have suggestions on a first bike that wont kill me but will be okay at 100Kmph?

    not expecting to be spoon fed here, just after peoples thoughts
  2. Cbr250r?
  3. I really want to keep it as close to 3k as possible but thanks for the suggestion
  4. VTR 250 much better and less thrashed than a cbr,generally that is.Should be able to get a good one from around $4000.00.Yep its seconhand but they are a great learners bike and pretty much bullet proof
  5. You can get a good VTR for 3K, probably your best bet for something reliable.
  6. no. both my bikes had high 50's when i bought them and neither have had a hint of trouble.
    km doesn't really mean much of anything. service history counts for everything.
    20,000km and never serviced would be a worse choice than 50,000 and religious services every 5000

    as for that cbr you linked, the km isn't legit for a 23yo bike, it's either gone round the clock or been rewound.
    but they ARE a decent first bike if they've been looked after, and they're easy to work on.
  7. VTR? Nay. Get a Honda Spada. The VTR's predecessor. Sure they might be older, 10 years older to be exact. Note that they were manufactured in '88 and '89. But it's pretty obvious you are on a tight budget, and considering the Spada is cheap ($1200, to $2000), it's well suited to your requirements.

    In contrast with the VTR, they are both naked bikes. However the Spada has more top end, and has a sixth gear. Although you will be revving less on a VTR than a Spada @100km/h. 7000 rpm and 8500rpm for the VTR and Spada respectively. Furthermore the frame on Spada is far more attractive than the VTR's ducati monster wannabe, trellis frame. Considering Honda stopped producing the Spada (VT250), due to high production costs (equivalent to a 600), the level of engineering is evident.

    Wear and tear parts are not an issue. I happened to score a full set of brake pads for $25. As for reliability, they are almost 'bullet-proof'. Well that appears to be past owner's consensus anyway. However replacement/refurbished engines are about $800 to $1000. Although a Spada's engine failing is quite unlikely. Take care of your timing chain, with regular oil and filter changes, and you shall not encounter problems.

    If you need to oogle, here's a picture.

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  8. When looking at old bikes you cannot, and I repeat cannot, trust an odometer. Most likely they've been wound back on the ship from Japan to Australia. From a seller's point of view this is necessary, as 'everyone else does it'. Just look at Sumoto for instance. All of their bikes are clocked to 20k. Highly unlikely to travel only 1000ks per year. Although some owners see similar figures, not ALL owners will.

    All you can do with old bikes, is get a mate to test ride. Check for oil leaks, odd noises, etc. Google should provide a complete list. Other than that, your hands are tied.

    In regards the eBay ad for the CBR250r. Not worth it. Firstly its a 250r and not the 250rr. This means your missing out on a second front brake caliper, and probably power. However I'm not entirely sure of the latter. Secondly old learner 250rs have most likely been thrashed. You don't want an unreliable bike for a trip to Ballarat. Moreover you don't want its cramped, boy racer, seating position for long distances. Unless you hate your spine.

    When looking/searching for older bikes I found gumtree to be most helpful. Ebay sellers need to recoup selling costs, whilst gumtree is free. Therefore your more likely to grab a bargain. Furthermore haggling seems to be far easier on the 'tree. Check it at www.gumtree.com.au
  9. ZZR-250 should meet your budget requirements. Can hold highway speed fine and is a good bike to learn on.
  10. I definitely would be avoiding 125's. One of the guys at work has one and had to rev its nuts off to keep up with my GS when I was riding normally around town, highway would be ridiculous.

    One of the other blokes at work has a ZZR250, picked it up for about $2.5k from memory with light faring damage from a low speed lowside, has got him around for the past 6 months or so thus far trouble free and he gives it hell, that's with regular rides from Eltham to Rosebud too, good little bike for what it is!
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    I don't think the issue with high km is the potential risk of problems with the bike. I think the only issue is it may take you longer to sell when you want to upgrade because most people only want to buy low km examples

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    Well. If you get a 50k bike ride it another 60k. Voila you now have a 10k bike. See what I mean about how pointless odo readings are.
  13. Hey guys, what are your thoughts on a 1990 YAMAHA FZR250 with 18,XXXKM's imported from Japan in 01?

    My Trade school teacher recommended the bike to me but I want to know somebody who has had expericene with it.

    Thanks again for all the help.
  14. I didn't have problems with my little 150 keeping up on motorways/whatever. Yes you can keep up just fine, no you can't fang it past everyone. The thing for me was more that it just had no presence. In saying that how tall/heavy are you? Some say anyone above average is too heavy for a little bike and it will just crawl.

    The kms on that FZR250 will be as bs as the CBR. As much as I think it's a heaps sick bike and ohhhh I want one, getting parts might be a biatch. If you like your fairings maybe something like the GPX250? Or save a little more money! And then Ninja time. :)
  15. FZR250 is a good bike but parts are rare, better off getting MC19/22 or a ZXR250 if you want a i4 250.
  16. Thanks heaps for all the suggestions guys, i'll post back here when I have a bike =D
    Cheers everybody
  17. Just a late reply - I picked up my GPX 250, 30,000 on the clock, 2006, nothing wrong with it. Roadworthy and rego, for 3k. Same engine as the old ninjas (practically). Goes hard when you want it too but it's not fast enough to scare you to stop riding. Got fairing and all that jazz, and the fairing is cheap as chips to replace.

    I think either a GPX, ZZR or Spada will suit your needs best with your budget. Is the 3k including gear - or have you got another allowance for that?

    3k will get you a decent GPX, ZZR or a GOOD Spada, and you won't have to worry about spending money fixing them up much. If you buy something like a CBR250RR or something, you're paying $4k+ for a 20 year old bike, when you can pick one up that's 5 - 9 years old for less? For your first bike you want reliablity, and you can upgrade after you've been riding a while... Not to mention you'll probably drop it. :p
  18. I was going to take a look at an FZR250 today but didnt end up going, might do a bit more research into bike before I go jumping into it.
    Had my first lesson today riding a 200CC yamaha dirt bike and that was awesome..

    I might look back into a CBR250R or RR.. love the look or the RR's