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Cant decide on a first bike, please help

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by chickenmanic, Jun 12, 2015.

  1. Hey everyone.

    Ive spent the past month just trying to cram in what little information i can about bikes and one that would be great for seeing me through my ls and ps.
    im still indecisive abit hers my list.

    Honda cb500, i like the naked looking ones
    kawa er6nl and maybe klr 650
    ktm 390 ot sure about a single piston im gonna be doing alot of high speeds.
    suzi Vstrom, gsx(worried about restrictors), gladius and maybe gs 500f
    yams Mt 07(dislike the full digital display), fz6r, xj6nl and the r3(still not much info out yet about it from what ive found)

    Im gonna need to be able to commute and also be able to have fun on the weekends aith it haha while being comfortable for a 6'2 tall bloke.
    just wondering if anyone can share there experiences to help me out, im more so worried about the bikes being to small for me ):
  2. forget about your first bike
    just buy your second
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  3. Well I guess you are entitled to your opinion but the dash on the MT-07 is freeking awesome!! Crystal clear to read. Beautifully backlit. Lots of information. Did I say it was really easy to read? You would also like the MT-07 because it is comfortable for tall people. I am exactly 6' and have heaps of room. I'm also huge (105kg) and the bike is not fussed at all.

    How heavy are you? That will have a big impact on whether going down to 300cc is doable.

    1). What is your budget? Can you afford the MT-07, Street Triple 660 or the Ducati 659? The three best LAMS bikes (Naked Road Bikes)

    If you can't afford those the CFMoto 650NK is meant to be really good value. A lot of people love their GS500 Suzuki's. The 500 Honda's are also very popular.

    The R3 is way too small for you. It felt like a toy when I sat on it. The sales guy laughed and said he felt the same on it!
  4. As states already. What budget do you have you've listed bikes that go from $2k used to about $13k new.

    I have had a GS500, er6nl and KLR650. The er6 is pretty good. The other two Id only recommend if you have a very limited budget as they are quite affordable.
  5. Make sure it's at least 500cc, out of the ones u mentioned I would prob get er6nl or ninja 650rl if you don't like mt07, the street triple is worth a test ride as well.
  6. I dont want to go that much above 10000 really.
    and i roughly weigh around 85 kilos but by the end of the year im hoping i can get around 95.

    Ok i heard that the screen was hard to see in the sunlight for the mt 07
    i know the ducati and street are great but they are out of my price range(i did see a decent second hand go for about 9500 though) but i imagineit would be abit more expensive to serviceand get parts for.
  7. i've got a gs500 its quite comfortable and i'm 6 4 highly recommend
  8. There are starting to be some 2nd hand MT-07's around with reasonably low km on them. You are still paying at least $8,300 for them though. $9,999 is actually very good value for the bike you get with the MT-07. As far as the dash goes, just go and demo one!! You will have your answer. A bike may be awesome but if you just don't feel right on it well what's the point. Make a shortlist and go and ride them. Sometimes it best to start with the cheapest and work your way up :) At your weight it may even be worth trying the Benelli BN302! It's only a 300 but you never know!

    Loz from the forums here did a review here: http://www.gizmag.com/benelli-bn302-video-review-road-test/37391/
  9. I'm middle-aged, 6'6" tall, on a GS500. Not the roomiest bike, but 500km day trips are doable without any soreness during or afterwards.
    Entertaining little bike, built to a tight budget. It's a commuter that can be ridden as a sports bike, if your will is strong enough.
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  10. Buy the most power you can afford, you'll want it sooner or later. The gs is good fun... Until you start out-riding it at which point the chassis/forks start to threaten assault. It's cheap and easy to work on, ideal tightarse bike.
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  11. So it sounds like the gs is a great budget especially since its been around for so long bu tg for an extra 3k i could get a semi new mt07 or an extra k could get me a second hand triumph or brand new mt 07.

    Does the cost to run them go up because of the brand like, the oil service cost 100 more for the rriumph then the yamaha because its a triumph
  12. xr600, thank me later
  13. Is that a honda enduro bike
  14. yes
    you might think 'im going on road i need road bike' but you are wrong. you need off road bike when on road, and off road bike when off road, and off road bike when you dont have enough seats for your guest. you always need off road bike.

    serious though, just get one and some 80/20 road bias tyres.
  15. Haha no i see ur point of view i was interested in that idea with a supermoto of sorts but thought i would like my first to be more like the generic road bike to get the basic skills of riding
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  16. If you are new to riding I would be considering the likelihood of learner mistakes, doesn't happen to everyone but is fairly common to drop ur bike on a u turn or similar. Would be an awful shame to drop a newish 8 grand bike when you could have got past that stage on a cheaper second hand gs 500 which is very simple to run and service... Plus if ur savvy enough you can sell it for about the same once ur done...
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  17. If I was budget restricted I would have seriously looked at the Suzuki GS500. Plenty around starting at $3,000.

    Even the Suzuki Gladius 650 can be had 2nd hand starting around $5,000.

    Although once you get near $6,000. You can get the CFMoto 650 brand new.
  18. Forget about all the thinking and comparisons - which bike do you REALLY like the look of? Go and buy it.

    Most learner bikes not that bad and all have their pros and cons.
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    Dirtbike can be dropped, dirtbike is cheap, dirtbike makes riding easy especially for learners. Come to saturday practice and il let you ride the xr650. If i can get hold of it, depends on my brother

    Better make that next satprac
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    service on gs 500 costs:
    kn-133 k7n oil filter: $12 ebay
    Penrite Everyday Full Synthetic - 10W-40, 6 Litre : $45-60 supercheap you'll use 3lt~
    spark plugs : $5 each x2
    air filter : ~$30 ebay

    lots of tutorials on YouTube for the gs500 baltimoregs has a lot of diy info
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