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Can't decide, Gixxer or Duke?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by crackajack, Dec 26, 2007.

  1. Hey all,
    This is my first post. I am indecisive at the moment. I have an opportunity to purchase 1 of 2 great deals. I hope to get some advice in this forum.

    It's my first real bike off my CBR 250.

    I have come across a GSXr 600, 2007 model with minimal K's for 10 grand or a Ducati 748r 2001 model for 12 and a half grand.
    I have always loved the 748. It is the perfect size for me as I am a short ass. Not to mention, the sound!!
    The Jap bikes are all awesome and I know they would smoke the Duke but for me they just don't have the appeal. Except the GSXR.

    I think the styling is awesome. I like the exhaust setup, It sits more level and I can touch the ground comfortably.

    Should I consider the classic which will hold its value a little better or go the newer Suzy?

  2. Hey there Crackajack,

    It sounds to me as though you've already made up your mind - the Duke really appeals to you, doesn't it?

    Have you had a chance to ride each of these bikes yet?

    Without having ridden either, my advice would be to simply buy the bike that gets your pulse racing the most and leaves you with the biggest grin on your face.

    The opinions of others are all very well, but ultimately it is YOUR decision - you're the one parting with the hard-earnt mullah and you're the one who has to live with one of these sexy beasts.


    "There was no 600 under the christmas tree for me this year.... Santa is a sadistic pr*ck!"
  3. Buy the one that puts the biggest smile on your dial as long as it does everything else you need it to.
  4. I find myself getting caught up in the, what's the most cost effective, realistic, practical & reliable option B.S. And my spirits slump. I reckon it's time to say "f*#k it", and get the one that makes you all happy in your pants. Go the duc!
  5. Duke hands down mate. Go for it!
  6. go with your heart not your head as long as you can afford to LOL
  7. Thanks guys.
    It's so hard to make these kinds of decisions. I think I'm leaning towards the Duke. I just love the shape, sound and size. I'm not after blistering spead just yet, I'm not experienced enough!! But that Gixxer is still a sexy machine and so is the CBR and so is the Yammy while I'm at is so is the Daytona Tripple. Man, only if I was Lindsay Fox, I could have one of each LOL

  8. Now for a female perspective, dukes are finnicky to work on so labour costs will be hefty. Japenese parts seem to be easier to obtain so less down time waiting for parts unless you happen to be Casey Stoner. wins on Sunday sells on Monday but doesn't equate to folks on normal wages with normal dealerships! Gixxer 600 is a snappy bike which seems to be slow to take off but then goes with a bang & has scared off a lot of riders. Do your homework carefully test ride all of them then ring around to get a quote on servicing & spares price & availability. Good Luck!
  9. there are two ducati's in my garage.

    There servicing isnt that much more expensive than a japanese bike.

    These reliability issues that get chanted as folklore, seems to have magically missed both the bikes. They start first time everytime. Go like buggery, and handle like nothing else.

    Kinda funny to see people who have never owned one, spouting on about this and that. On top of that, you will own a vehicle you can make your own desktop backgrounds out of, and i feel that this is a key feature of any motorcycle.

    The gixxer is a nice bike too. You cant go wrong with either bike.

    I will say that the gixxer will be faster in a straight line, but the ducati will be packing ohlins suspension and brembo brakes, so im confident, in the twisty's it would atleast match is, if not better it...your splitting hairs either way.
  10. An 07 Gixxer for 10k?? Buy it, re-sell it (for at least 12k), buy the Duke and use the profits to bling her up!
  11. Go the Duke and service her yourself, like you should!