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Cant decide between the two

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by bretto61, Sep 4, 2010.

  1. Well I am retiring from the industry and will need to buy a bike of my own soon.
    I stopped buying them a few years ago as I have to ride for work every day and I am supplied with bikes for work and well to be honest, if I am not being paid to I have not gotten on a bike since 05 for fun. Don't get me wrong, I love to ride. But I am in the saddle 5 to 6 days a week for work. And my day off is my day off.
    And yep I guess you could say I have lost a little of the passion. I have been riding bikes since I was 6 and am 49 this year. And always have had one and used it as my main means of transport.
    I have ridden just about everythig that has come out and well only two have made me think yep.....that's about a perfect all rounder for the price. remember I am 49, two compressed vertibrea and had a bit of a brain bleed a few years ago and I have to take it easy. Thats besides all the usual broken coller bones and fingers so forth.
    My budget is about ten grand or so the finance minister says. But I can slip another three or four thou in there without her knowing. LOL I hope.
    So the two:
    A 2002 Ducati ST4s: Reasonable riding position, Great sound, brilliant chassis and handling. They have a great personality. Can be fitted with panniers and Fi Fi can straddle the back and be happy for a few hours. And well they are getting rare these days and just something a little different. And that noise when you roll off the throttle from WOT. I bar up every time.

    The other is the 08 Kawasaki ZX14. Its just such an easy bike to ride. It has to be the ugliest thing going yes, but I love riding them. Smooth, light and incredibly fast when needed. They just gobble up miles and don't tax you at all.

    Now I can get the Duc for nine grand with 35,000 on it san's Panniers. or the Kwaka for 11 grand with 12,000k's. Maybe less than 11 if I hold out and no one else jumps on it.

    I have had both for a day's riding. well the ZX a lot more than that as I took it home from work a lot. I have owned a 916 and 996s besides SS's, darmahs, ST2 and pantahs and my first 250. Yep I am a bit of a Ducati fan.

    Yup I know it's rediculous to ask on the net what bike is for me when a bike is such a personal thing. But as I said I have had both for a while, I work in the industry and know the ins and outs of both well. And of course both are available now. And for the life of me I am still split 50/50
    Arrrgh the agony of choice.
  2. if choosing between those two bikes is the worst decision you have to make... then you don't have a problem in my book.
  3. spenze, I agree. It's really a matter of head vs heart. My head would say ZX14 but my heart would say ST4.

    My heart usually wins.
  4. not while the hayabusa is around it isn't.
    don't it just.
  5. If you're in the industry, but just about to have to pay your own bills, I would have thought that you need to consider Ducati servicing costs, at least....
  6. Yeah eeeeek. Paying retail is going to hurt.
    I have learnt to do most things on the Duc as I have owned a few. And I have worked my way through the industry from chamois boy to sales to instructor, service manager so forth, so I know my way around a bike.

    I do all my own servicing anyway. And thankfully John Brady is a close friend so what I cant do myself he will do for a good price.
    BTW The ST has just had all majors done including new rockers. The cams were fine. Steering head and swing arm bushes.

    I guess it comes down to do I want a heavy noisey clutch and sporadic electrics. Not the best riding position for a sport tourer. Poor fairing protection and a wooden rear brake. A reserve light that sometimes works lol.
    Or something I turn the key, hit the button and go 5,000k's without a glitch.

    R36 your dead right. It is my heart over my head. All my Ducati experiences come back (head) and then I hear that twin (heart)

    Hey I am not complaining. I'm happy as a pig in poo. Back to a max 5 day work week, public holidays and getting to see my kids all the time.
    Scored a great aus post contract doing the beach front at Coolum. So 6 to 7 hour days. Home by lunch woo hoo. Ha ha and still getting paid to ride. Don't knock the postie bike, it's the best thing ever made.
  7. I saw a black ZX14 in the peak hour traffic the other day. This guy was quite capable and it was nice to see him work the traffic on a bike this size, very fluid and fast/agile, I thought.

    It was also quite cool to see a small flash each from the twin carbon pipes as he tapped off at one stage.
  8. I love Italian bikes and have not found them to be unreliable or difficult to live with - I use a Guzzi as my daily commute. I think Italian bikes provide a much richer experience and have greater character than anything else out there. I'm sure you'd still enjoy the ZX but you'll probably always wish you had gone for the Ducati. For me it would be a easy decision, ST4 wins.
  9. as you are a obviously a fan of ducati's Im thinking your feeling a bit torn to be even thinking about the ZX14

    In all fairness I have never ridden a ducati, but I have owned a 2008 ZX14 se since nov 08 and this morning I rolled through 55,500km. It is an awesome machine, fast when it needs to be, handles well, economical when it is stock (6.7l/100 average) and absolutely reliable.

    the day after her second valve clearance check she was put on the dyno at the netrider dyno day and she pulled a respectable 155rwhp (my mechanic reckoned this was a little on the low side, but hey, the dude was trying to flog us all power commanderes)

    the biggest minus I have found is getting the valve clearances done every 24,000km. Its a big expensive job (approx $8-900 inc service). on the upside, I have had 2 done now and havent had a shim replaced yet.

    comfortable, reliable and it pulls like a dorm full of schoolboys. a great bike

  10. Re: Cant decide between the twobike

    Yeh the Duc is winning at the moment. I was too late on the one I had lined up and its gone. :( snooze ya lose.
    I took the ZX out yesterday again and while it was nice... I got bored with it in two hours. Unless you ring its neck, its not the most exciting bike or pretty. It is so easy for a big bike. But ground clearance on the right hand side is not the best. Managed to scrape that bubble in the fairing yesterday coming off the highway.
    And ah the Guzzi. I sold them for a while a few years ago, and loved the 1200 sport. The big easy.