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Cant change gear in new boots!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Macca_Gong, May 5, 2011.

  1. OK I did a search and couldn't find much, and figure this is my noob question so I would throw it here.

    I just got a nice pair of Syga boots, very nice and tight but I cant pivot my ankle in the enough to get the right leverage to change gears.

    I adjusted the lever to no avail, still cant pivot them enough to pull up.

    Other issue is now they a big and keep contacting my foot pegs when i need to walk the bike (which I do alot to get in and out of my garage)

    I haven't ridden on them yet, I was too worried they would cause me to crash.

    Maybe its my gay lets, My feet have a shit load of "toe out" as you would say (bowed legs) and my heel is always resting on the heel guard which also means with the wider boots they hit there.

    The latter 2 issues are not bad, but the whole I cant change gear is. If I adjust the lever up i cant lift enough to get a down shift and if its too high i cant get under it.

    Other than that the boots are awesome. tight nice to wear.

    Should I do any breaking in on the boots walk around in them ect?

  2. have a shower in them.

    or just ride in them until they break in.
  3. Definitely mate. I will wear mine around the house for a few days first. Only an hour or two at a time. Before I use them riding. You will get use to them on a bike. But yeah get them comfy just walking around first.
  4. I've got a similar pair of boots. (look like the same boots rebadged) The leather is thick and stiff and they took a while to break in. wearing them around the house is the way to go. also they are race boots so they don't have a lot of ankle movement. you probably find them crap to walk in. I got mine cheap as the original owner could hardly walk in them! a bit of leather conditioner might help too.
  5. heres a tip if you cant change gear in your new boots take them off put your gear on then put the boots back on.

    i went shopping and such when my boots were new, all that walking help break them in, and ive seen people more their gear leaver when wearing new boots.
  6. I remember having a similar issue with my sidi boots when i first bought them... i would actually use my entire leg to change gear, like, quite literally use my quads to raise and lower my whole leg.

    Being a noob, thought it was quite normal ha. Guess i eventually started doing it with my ankle over time...

    embarrassing to admit. :p
  7. Can you move your rearset/footpeg back at all? Not sure what you are riding but this might help. Also try to just use the tip of your toe to change gears and keep the most part of your foot back on the peg.
  8. get yerself some of those newfangled safety thongs
  9. Nah rear set is fixed.

    Im on a new CBR250.

    I had a look at the lever today, It would be nice if I could fit a longer tip on the end to come further over the foot, I can space the whole lever mount a little with some washer if I need to as I find it hard to point my toe in with the extra width in the boots over my runners which are this as light weight ones
  10. Instead of pivoting, try putting your foot under the lever and lifting your foot up.
  11. Yeh its all been sorted, Spend a day around the house with them on, they all of a sudden got a heap softer and are fine now.

    Need to adjust the lever a little lower have the occasional dopey missed an up shift lol
  12. I find my Sidis are quite soft and flexible. My old OxStars are a bit stiff. The ones I really have a problem in are my steelcap work boots, because it's hard to thread my foot in under the the lever. Bear in mind I have curtailed ankle movement as a result of my big accident 2 years ago.

    I had thought this might be a big problem for me when I started riding again, but it hasn't turned out that way. There have been days when getting the toes up enough to make good up-changes has been painful, so I revert to lifting the whole leg. On down-changes, I often lift the whole leg and tap down anyway. It is generally more convenient to have your foot resting on the peg while you lever your toes up or down, but there's no rule that says you have to. Do what you need to do.
  13. had a similar problem with my last pair of fox trackers until i snapped the gear selector off on the xr , bought a new selector but welded an extra bit on it , problem solved. nothing to do with ur problem tho sorry
  14. Hey Macca, i have the same issue with gear shifts on my new boots.

    The new cbr250r is fixed so i cant change the positioning of the gear lever.

    There are times where i wasnt sure if i even shifted a gear up :(
  15. you can adjust it higher and lower via the rod that joins it to the case lever.

    there is a good 2" you can move it.

    You need a 10mm and 12mm spanner.

    you flick the rubbers off the end nead the locking nut, put the 12mm spanner over the square part and undo the locking nut with the 10mm

    then repeat on the other side

    twist the rod and you will see the lever move up or down

    then lock it back up doing the opposite to above.

    there is a good 3 to 4cm of thread on the rod for adjustment if i remember right.
  16. Thanks Mate,

    I didn't even know it was adjustable hahaha. I looked at the manual and couldn't find anything.

    Will adjust it tonight :D