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Can't change down into first!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by parko, May 17, 2006.

  1. Hi there all, I'm new to riding (7 mths now) and on a vtr250. Just wondering about an issue I sometime have trying to change down from Netural to first. Most times its all ok, but when stopped at lights, every so often, it just won't budge. I find that to make it happen I have to release the clutch (ever so slowly) while pressing down on the gear lever and it suddenly drops in (albiet with a little jerk, and a "loud" click from the gear box). Is this normal behaviour?

  2. yep... its a sickening sound... its worse on the TT6 because my chain is fragged and the wet type clutch snap-grabs real REAL hard...

    Is probably "hanging" between gears... I do the same thing sometimes. I tend to now down shif before stopping, you can use the engine as a brake if its not raining. Is your vt brand new? if so the gearbox needs to wear in to become silky smooth... say 6-10,000K.
  3. My vtr is not brand new, has 21K k's on it, sometimes I also find that if I try to change down to a low gear whilst going at speed it won't go down either... Is it something that will damage the bike and I should avoid doing?
  4. I've seen this from time to time on my old CB250 and also the Triumph. I assume you're in neutral when it happens? If so, let go the clutch, give the engine a little rev, should find you can then happily find first.
  5. Spectre, thx for the info, will try it next time it happens and see what happens... Am I correct in my assumtion that this appears that this is a common issue on bikes?
  6. Let your clutch up if you are in nutral, or if you are still in second and it wont go through nutral let it up untilll it just starts to pull, then pull it back in and try again.
  7. You can check the following
    1. Overfilling of Engine oil - I filled my 5 ltr engine with 7ltrs of Oil [Stupid] and Had the same problem. The Bike just would not shift to first when Iddling
    2. Chain Sproket Tension - Sometimes iff too loose may cause this problem
    3. False Neutral - If you tend to Find False neutral between gears you may have a Clutch or Gear Box problem. Get ready for Big Expenses.
    4. Loose Clutch cable - Does not Extract the Clutch completely from the Drive Plate and thus causes troubling in Changing gears when Iddling. This may not happen when Riding as the wheel and drive shaft are both in Motion.

    Check you bike properly or get it checked from a mechanic. This could lead to trouble. Good Luck.
  8. yep... just count your lucky stars you dont have a CB250.. they dont have neutral!!!! :shock:
  9. Holy Droppings... I dodn't know Bikes had Automatic Clutch...
  10. Sometimes rolling backwards or forwards whilst trying helps
  11. nah not auto just an impossible neutral... I had to ride one for my L's and was stumped I found it twice all day. At my p's the instructor informed me that if I cant find neutral its ok... he couldn't either.
  12. Hmmm ... You must have pretty Strong Forearm by now :?
  13. Spectre's right, but this isn't common to all bikes, just hondas! :LOL:
  14. probably but I have a girl so I ony find out if I need to open jars etc...
  15. Only on Hondas! Why's that, can anybody tell me?
  16. me no... the engineer who designed that gearbox back in the late 70's yes... I dont think they update much.

    you get used to quirks like this with bikes it called "personality" thats why I love triumphs. Each brand is different thats why you have die hard suzuki, bmw and kawasaki fans...
  17. Ummmm, ok... thx for all the info, I'll see how I go on my ride home tonight... :cool:
  18. I'll agree I've had this problem on 2 Hondas. I can generally get it to happen if I brake really hard from speed and don't downshift as I go. The Hornet's not too bad, you can let the clutch out and pop the next gear in once, and the rest click down nicely.

    With the V25 Custom I used to have to do the same thing to go from 5 to 4, 4 to 3, 3 to 2 and down into first.

    I don't think it causes any damage, it only happens under braking and if you're not managing your gears properly, and the gear will drop back in if you poke it with the clutch.

    Nothing to worry about!
  19. To get around this, I sometimes give the throttle a bleep.
  20. Big thanks to spectre.... all was well on the ride home last night. :)