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Can't believe this is still operating!!!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by ROAMER, Mar 14, 2012.

  1. This is my first post after 3 centuries!!!! Hi to all dinosaurs of the forum!!! Is Southbank Friday nights still on? I ride a Triumph now, so you can all suck it [-( \\:D/ - this is only if hangin' sh*t on other people's rides is still popular here =D

    Trying to find a pommy bloke, used to come there, biggish in size, diving instructor! Let me know if he's still around!!!

    All the best to everyone!!!!
  2. Ha! welcome back! this place needs some proper funny posters...
  3. Yeah, well, ROAMER's back baby!!! None wiser nor prettier!!! :D
  4. You were never pretty, and the years have not been kind :LOL:

    Welcome back, lots of Brit bike riders here these days, mate, the Triumph triples have been kind to the economy of the Old Country!
  5. Yeah I know him. slowcoach on here, can still be found in the Southbank thread.
  6. This is Netrider - hanging sh*t on other peoples everything is always popular here... :)

  7. Ahhh, some things never change!!!!
  8. Thanx Chef!! I'll try to get in touch with him!
  9. After all this time, I can see that you are still smartarse :p
  10. I just noticed that we joined Netrider in the same month in the same year.
  11. How come I'm 28.5 grand posts behind you???? :D
  12. I'm a motor-mouth :LOL:
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  13. Allo stranger!!! Good to see you've finally moved from those silly machines you used to ride ;)
  14. Classic Paul, Hahahahahahaha
  15. Hi Lil!!! Long time eh? Say hi to your own personal Scot!!!

    BTW if you recall, your mother said that my bike was CUTE at one of your b'days. So you can shove it!!!! :p
  16. :-s

    That would be the crazy lady ;)

    He says hi back :)
  17. Ol Mr Roamer. I remember that green machine. Probably last time you were at sth bank was last time I was there.
    The 'biggish' english gentleman you refer too is now no longer biggish, but still a gentleman.
  18. Hey movin, unfortunately I don't remember you for that matter, I hardly remember anyone from the forum, you'll have to remind me of yourself bit more!!! :D I'll have to make sure I stop at Southbank soon to see old faces if there is any left!!!!