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Can't believe my eye!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by mick No:8, Feb 25, 2008.

  1. I was driving to my parents house in Mill-Park on Plenty Rd around 2:45-3:00pm when a bike zoom past me. It was a Honda 250R the rider has wearin, jeans, t-shirt and a helmet while his pillion was only in short and t-shirt that was all "NO HELMET". Chirst couldn't believe my eyes! guess they weren't good/close friends. How could someone do that these day and age. Must have lived under a rock and still think smoking is good for you. The good news was that as I was turnnin off, a cop car had pulled them over. Wounder what he would have coped?

  2. ultimate squid, great with lemon and pepper!

    frickin idiots i saw a couple of kids on one of our local streets doing the same if i had've been closer i would've given em an earful as they were only about 8

    some people have to learn the hard way
  3. Smoking's not good for you???!!
  4. definately darwinism waiting to happen, the idiots will soon die making us a more intelligent race!
  5. Love your perspective - "glass half full" ;)
  6. No they won't. There are too many laws which support their right to live and reproduce. They are like an unchecked weed that will devour the beautiful garden that is the intelligent race.

    That is the glass is half empty view. (Which do you reckon is more likely?) :)
  7. Hide some salt in on your bike somewhere, one day you will see someone crash and their unprotected skin get all torn up.

    Get out the salt and sprinkle liberally on the poor sap to teach them a lesson.
  8. ^^^ ???

    Are you insinuating that the 'poor sap' riding with no f**king helmet deserves sympathy when he comes off??

    He's a poor sap if he's helmed, leathered, and hit by a car. He's a stupid f**king idiot if he is hit, and is killed because his face got ground off by the blacktop thanks to a lack of helmet.

    There's a reason that the law states you must be wearing a helmet.

    Wankers like the one mentioned by the OP are the reason our insurance premiums go up all the time... Too many temporary citizens and not enough genuine riders.
  9. perhaps you should go and lookup the meaning of "pouring salt in a wound". The choice of words appears to be toungue in cheek.
  10. I'm just dumb-founded that people will still do stupid shit like that.

    let alone the nice fine I hope the hell they got!
  11. Blah blah blah, let he who has never been stupid on a bike cast the first stone. I love this safety nanna lynch mob.
  12. +1
    Usually the 250 brigade
  13. i have never been stupid on a motorcycle so i throw the first stone at you :p :LOL:
  14. You? You're stupid wherever you are, what makes you think you're any different when you get on yer bike? :p
  15. Seen at a post office waiting in the queue for service:

    A gentleman, probably pushing 200kg in weight, open face helmet, tracky dacks, oversized short sleeve t-shirt, no gloves... and worn out black moccasins with no socks for foot wear.

    Didn't get to see the motorbike... so dunno the speed related risks this guy was able to face...

    Yeh yeh, frankly each to their own, squid, don't squid, blah blah blah... but if I saw that dude's get up on the freeway, he'd be branded an absolute f'k wit and deservedly so.

    One thing NO SQUID can argue against is that gear will save your skin. The squidder is betting they won't need the gear.

    You know, we bet on tattslotto with astronomically LESS chance of winning than the chance of falling off a bike... but still hope to win don't we... :-k
  16. Wear gloves because nothing is more embarrasing than someone else having to wipe your bum! :sick:
  17. I dunno matti, there's people who pay good money for that sort of thing.

    WIPERS! (clap clap)

  18. ewww...or perhaps the 4 girls fingerpainting one... :sick:
  19. bullshit.
    the gene pool is screwed, and a shit load of chlorine can only help so much

    stinks of kid's piss permenently, personally wouldn't mind stepping out myself