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Can't believe I almost got SMIDSYd

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Guy, Apr 27, 2012.

  1. .. on my first freaking day riding.
    .. in my own frigging street.

    Or maybe I can believe it...

    The story.. my street has a section near the middle where it's only one lane, to limit traffic.. but a few driveways empty out around it.. so Im cruising back down my street, and up onto the middle section, and I see this guy backing out.. and of course in my cager-trained-mind I just keep on rolling on toward him, assuming he's seen me.

    Yeah assumptions. Got closer, closer and he just keeps backing out, until I finally realised he hadn't see a thing, so I switch to the left side of the space and rolled on through as he continues to back out and almost nip my bike. I should have stopped. I should have realised/seen it earlier.

    Anyway, went past a bit further, indicated, pulled over, and got off the bike. I stood there looking back, and he came out of the single lande area, did a u turn and went back through it the other way. Hehe.

    But yeah, so much to learn, so much riding to do. Thought I'd share my first day (part of it anyway).
  2. that's okay. Having watched the TAC ad, you must have been speeding.....
  3. Its only dangerous when you are exactly 8kms over the limit....

    And you have no idea how to brake...

    Or swerve....
  4. Kudos on the self assessment. The trick now will be to learn from it, and ensure that NEXT time you prepare for that. Where do you live? Can you get down to a practice session (eg, Melbourne or Sydney) and practice your eBrake skills? They will come in handy.
  5. Cheers. It's the awareness that I need to work on.... among everything else. Im currently just going around quiet backstreets (well, they were quiet until I started riding up and down and around them I suppose).

    I live out hoppers crossing way, in Melbourne. I just need riding practice.. and practice.. .and practice....................... followed by a solid course of practice. :)

    Did a few eBrake practices..... Which reminds me.. I do have a question.. my sideview mirrors, I assume they're for left/right lane, respectively? How the fk do I see who's riding my ass? I'm really missing that rear-view mirror. Maybe I'm just too wide.

    I ask because after one of my eBrakes, I was just sitting there afterward in the left side of the road, and realised there was a car waiting behind me.. (single one-way slip lane) .. I'm sure he wasn't there when I was doing the Brake.. I'm almost sure.. :)
  6. I tend to have my mirrors so I can see behind me (need to move my elbow a bit) and the lane next to me if I move my head a little. It's very important to be able to see behind you IMO. If you're at lights for eg, you want to know if the car coming up behind you is going to stop or not. When you change lanes, the mirrors will show you who is back in your adjacent lane but make sure you head check before changing lanes.

    Also, Saturday practice is on in Elwood. Lots of people come in from your way, so, you can get an escort in if you like.