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can't afford rad-guard. what else is there?

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by blue, May 20, 2006.

  1. I need to get radiator and oil cooler guards for my speed triple. could make the radiator guard myself but the oil cooler is a problem. specially mounting a home made oil cooler. rad-guard costs 295$. I know it'll save me in the long term but its REALLY out of my budget. just want to know what else is available on the market. tryimg wreckers at the moment.

  2. rad guards aren't normally that dear.. who quoted you that price??
  3. got the price off their website.... speed triple.. oil and radiator guards-295$
  4. I believe ALL radiator guards are stupidly overpriced.

    Go to Supercheap and buy a sheet of the mesh you see P'platers putting in the front of their Civic, cut it up to size and cable tie it in place. Cost you less than $20
  5. If you speak to Total Motorcycle Accessories in Vic Park (WA) they can get you a "Warpspeed" Radguard that is made right here in Perth.

    08 9472 3030


    P.S If you are going to make one yourself DONT use the Supercheap mesh. As 1. The whole size will still allow small rocks in which can still put hole in your radiator. 2. They are made of Alloy which is too soft to stop really big rocks.
  6. i think if you have a problem with really big rocks going through your radiator you need to have a careful think about your riding style.

    Besides, anything that deforms and spreads the load over a larger area than the rock is still doing its job properly.

    I use two layers of stainless gutter guard mesh on mine and never had a problem - even riding the blackbird on dirt and gravel roads behind cars throwing stuff at me.
  7. I don't have a radiator to guard, so I'm feeling a bit left out.....just like I do on chain adjustment threads....... :cry:
  8. Just made some up for my Capo.

    The ones from Autobarn/Supercheap don't look all that strong - while they are very light

    Take a trip to local metal shop and buy some scrap galvanised cut offs (whole sheets are really expensive). Get a heap of different cable ties and am sure you will work something out....



    EDIT: Cost $15
  9. A new radiator on my bike it turns out is $820, so I'd say it's the better option. :wink: However, like you I'll go for something cheeper. I though mabye get the stuff from super cheap and glue a fine mesh to it for the smaller stuff (after I get the radiator fixed that is). :)
  10. I go out and do a lot of high speed group country riding. When the guy in front flicks a big rock at your bike while you are doing 200kph + speeds it makes mince meat of the Aluminium Mesh. Even tiny rocks hitting your bike at those speeds aren't kind to any soft metal they hit.

    Of course we never do these speeds on public roads. *cough* ;)
  11. fair enough - i do the same and have had to repaint various bikes because the paint went missing after chasing people here and there - never had a large rock go through my Al mesh or stainless gutter guard home made guards though.

    There will always be someone like you who will say that you need the biggest best thing there is, but perhaps the OP doesn't like chasing people that close at more than twice the legal limit and can therefore save a lot of money and weight.
  12. Or buy a bike with the radiators mounted on the side like a Firestorm, SP2 or VFR ;)
  13. or a bike that idn't water cooled :)

  14. Nah they're gutless wonders ;)
  15. Sorry to dig up an old post but I've done some searching on this topic and I still have a few unanswered questions.

    So I'm going to make a radiator guard out of aluminium mesh or gutter mesh. The mesh part is easy.

    My remaining questions are:
    1. How do you fasten it and to where? Cable ties maybe, but to where?
    2. What do you put around the edges of the guard? Some kind of rubber or silicone lip? Or aluminium?
    3. Presumably you need some kind of spacer between the mesh and your radiator? What do you use? Rubber would probably melt at those temps >90 degrees. So some kind of silicone?

    Any tips or pointers from anyone would be great?
  16. I've made a few so I can give you a hand...

    I used body kit mesh on mine from the local Autobarn/Supercheap, it's open enough not to increase temps but will take care of most debris you may encounter...obviously nothing is fool proof but it is a trade off...protection versus increased engine temps

    Make a template that fits your radiator out of thin cardboard, at this point in time you want to be looking at the options for mounting your rad guard, cable ties can work fine or you can sometimes use existing bolt holes. Once your template and your mounting options are sorted, transfer the template onto your mesh and cut it out with tin snips.

    Take your mesh piece and go to Clark Rubber, you are looking for some pinch weld small enough to go around your mesh grille...this is the stuff they used to use on old cars around the door jambs to hold the headlining/kick panels etc in place, pick the one that's going to give you a nice tight fit against your mesh and buy enough to go around the outside edge of your grille.

    Next you want to grab some adhesive closed cell foam weather stripping, again enough to go around the grille will be fine.

    Once you get home measure up how much pinch weld you will need to go around the mesh, cut it with tin snips and then put the mesh in the gap in the pinch weld...(you may need to use as paid of pliers to squeeze the pinch weld so it holds the mesh tightly, especially on the corners).

    Now for the foam, you want the foam to sit between the pinch weld and the radiator so you have something soft between them in case the grille makes contact with the radiator fins...so stick the foam onto the pinch weld, once you have done that your finished.

    All you need to do now is mount it, have a beer and admire your handy work

    Hope this helps
  17. Got mine from Beowulf for the FJR, 100aussie $ delivered and its shiny stainless shit too. Non of that crap plastcky aluminium for my baby.