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Cant Adjust throttle screw on suzuki across

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Tomcatalex, May 31, 2008.

  1. the throttle stop screw on the side of fairing doesnt turn, and if i try to reduce the revs at idle the nob flings back to where it started, has anyone else have this problem???

  2. Have you tried spraying the screw with CRC, or WD40?
    Sounds like the thread has rusted.
  3. Sounds to me like the knob is at the end of it's travel in that direction. DOes it turn easily the other way?
    If it is at it's limits in one direction, you will have to loosen teh throttle cables a little to allow the idle speed screw to do it's job, as teh cables can hold the throttle open at idle if they're tight.

    Regards, Andrew.
  4. sounds like time to take the trunk and side fairings off and getin in there with some WD40.

    I had a stuck idle adjuster and I ended up snapping the cable :?

    Had to get a spare and pull the carbs out and its a bit of a biatch to do.

    Best not break it.
  5. sprayed half a can of wd40
    still doesnt turn

    Suzuki made a mistake with the design of this adjuster if others have the same problem as me, the thred is not rusted and if it was after half a can of wd40 should be loose by now.

    I think its the cable itself that doesnt stay in the correct possition, when i turn the nob it feels like the whole cable is twisting rather than the screw at the other end, is there a way of turning the screw at the source , I saw a spring and screw ,but think it might be the carb balancer, dont want to muck that up

    still need help
  6. Sounds like it's seized up at the other end, the snapping back does sound like the cable itself twisting. Remove the fairings and follow the cable to the other end (it should be adjusting where the throttle cable snaps back to when closed) and give that a good soaking with CRC. Depending on how accessible it is it may be possible to adjust at that end (or at least loosen).
  7. you know what the friggin choke doesnt turn either, it moves like 1mm and then gets hard to move, dont want to push it to hard eeither for feer of snapping the cable

    the only manual ive got is the downloaded pdf free one, but the pics are mostly black, cant see much. here is what im looking at in the manual

  8. Once again try moving what the cable is trying to move and if it won't budge soak with CRC and leave for 24 hours then try again.

    Sounds like the bike's been somewhat neglected in terms of proper maintenance for a while, which is not that uncommon since many owners only ever bother with changing the oil.
  9. Sorry for bumping the thread, but I had a similar problem with the throttle stop screw not turning. I think the problem is that the rubber bit that sits in the hole in the fairing is just not letting the screw move. I found that It moved fine when the fairings were off. Maybe if you greased around the rubber, or just adjust it to how u want it then put the fairings back on.
  10. Well they always say to use the old forums and not make new ones

    Anyways, i found that happens cause the cable has come off its guide and ends up just twisting, just open the fairing up, and click the cable back into the holding bracket to keep it at an even curve, while your there spray some wd 40 on the cable and screw, and then twist left right left right in small turns untill it frees up