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Canon Camcorder HF200HD Review Please

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by 2wheelsagain, Oct 24, 2009.

  1. I'm thinking of asking Santa to deliver a HD Video Camera this year.
    For a number of reasons I think a flash based one would suit best.

    I think I have found an entry levelish unit in the Canon Legria HF200HD (1080P). Without any haggling they're around the $1000 mark.

    A couple of online reviews have been fairly good but I'd like some independent comments too if anyone has one of these.

    Failing that what else is recommended?

    Also what editing software is worth shelling out for? I have outgrown MovieMaker!
  2. Can't help with the camera as mine's a SD and about 2 years old. Not staying up to date, 'cause that would see me in the shop buying one ... which I really shouldn't do atm.

    As for software, I use Sony Vegas Movie Studio Platinum ... great piece of software, easy to use and intuitive. Will be heaps enough for most home video editors. Can usually get a bundle deal with Sony Vegas DVD Maker (or whatever it's called).
    I just prefer it over the Ulead software ... but that one's good as well. On par, just some of the controls are different.

  3. I got myself a JVC Everio HD Cam a few months ago Chris.
    Love it... easy to use ...however, not bundled with any video editing software.

    A few gripes: Every time you stop and start filming, it saves to another file. An hour of filming could see you having to join/merge 20+ files.
    It also saves the files with a *.mod extension, this is a pain, as I then need to rename the extension of every damn file to mpg before I can view it on USB/TV.
    ( recently downloaded a freeware batch ext re-namer, so that helped heaps )

    Software I've used through the years is Pinnacle Studio. Very easy to drive and some nice editing touches. I have an old copy somewhere.. ( haven't used it in ages ) lemme know if you're interested.
  4. Thanks guys. Still no "action" on the camera but still like the Canon.
    Vinnie that JVC was going to be "the one" until I found a couple of less than glowing reviews about its indoor capabilities. Have you used it indoors? (dont want to know about the bedroom lol)
  5. I did get a chance to use it indoors. Cindy & I spent the weekend @ Echuca.
    Details not forthcoming... but yep, not so good in poor lighting conditions

  6. Thanks Vin. You're a funny man.
    No evidence. It didnt happen :p