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Canning Stock Road

Discussion in 'Adventure/Enduro' started by pbrenner, Sep 23, 2008.

  1. Just wondering where to start here ;-)
    Planning to do it in 2009 with my best mate from France.

    Any idea to where to talk here in Sydney, dealershipt known for dirt bike ?



  2. G`day Pascal

    I dunno about the Canning route...but I may be doing it next year also :cool:

    I dunno about dealerships in Sydney, but check out "trading post.com.au" for 11ty billion possibilites

    there is a kwaka dealership giving a good price on a good bike for something like the canning route....but i`m not telling, in case you buy the one i`m looking at :p
  3. Hey mate,
    pop on over to the Australian forum on http://www.advrider.com

    I'm planning to do the canning next year or in 2010.
  4. i once worked with a good bloke, a true grit Aussie.
    he said often he was guna do the Canning Stock Route one day..solo by 4B..
    he did too :)
    His Surname was Canning. and one of his fore-fathers was The Canning that said Route was named after