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Cannabis legalised in New York City.

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by van, Jul 9, 2006.

  1. Image removed, I've seen the light.

  2. A tad tasteless, wouldn't you think...
  3. but still bloody funny !!!
  4. Such is the nature of humanity compadre. Some folks deal with tragedy by defusing it with humour. That's a debate that could go on forever of course.
  5. thats a beutie... i am so going to email that around...
  6. Not at someone else's expense. I'd bet your balls that this "joke" wasn't contrived by anyone living in New York or those who had relatives or friends who perished on that day.
  7. I wasn't talking about people directly involved with the tragedy, and I'm sorry, I should have been clearer on that. I'm saying that people distanced from a tragedy will often respond to it with humour. It's not intended to be malicious - despite the fact that it can fairly be construed as such - it's merely the human psyche dealing with a situation as best it can. How that happens is different for each person. This isn't a theory of my own concoction, it's high school psychology.
  8. I havent had any blue cards on this topic and dont find it excessivly offensive.
    If you have a real problem with it, blue card. Otherwise this thread stays.
  9. I find it tasteless. But I'm not into censorship for censorship's sake. Van and others don't view it the way that I do. That's fine. Let popular opinion define whether it's good or poor humor.
  10. Look, forget it. The image has been removed, let's all go back to taking the piss out of cagers.
  11. reat now curiosity is gonna kill me! :D
  12. it's funny to most people