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Canetoads v Cockroaches

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by vic, May 17, 2007.

  1. My crystal ball was recharged this afternoon and this is what I saw


  3. 1 Vote for Stoopid if you think NSW is going to win :rofl:

    It's overall game points not score predictions :p
  4. Gonna be a great game :cool:

    How do I post it up??
  5. vic, you don't need a crystal ball to know who's gunna win...

  6. Ahh! what would the world be like without you delusional banana benders :LOL: :LOL:
  7. a much sadder and sorrier place than it already is....

  8. yes so true!!!
  9. Go the Blues!!!

    QLD are the favourites to win this year, just look at that backline - a backline as great as any in Origin history.

    NSW have a tough task ahead - QLD have a strong team that will be very tough to beat. Especially since 2 of the 3 games are in canetoad territory!

    But in saying that Blues will still win.
  10. AH!!! finally a man after my own heart!!!

    How 'bout a sde bet.

    If NSW win, we blues men have our way with the QLD girls .........................................................................and if QLD win us blues men let the QLD girls have their ways with us!!! :rofl:

  11. you plannin on visitin us jeff???????

    for real this time????????
  12. One day...............who knows.

    I am pretty busy dodging rich mercedes driving bitches here in Sydney :LOL: :LOL:

    Bet ON?????????????? :rofl:
  13. we'll see......after all......'one day'??????
  14. i should have flown up to Suncorp to watch the game :evil:
  15. yeah u shoulda....ah well.....u could still fly up and watch with us....

  16. and suncorp is >< far ina drunken stumble from CC!!! :!:
  17. cahn the blues!
  18. carn the blues!!![​IMG]

    they must beat them toads[​IMG]
  19. Lucky you're not back in Old Testament times, Vic. They stoned false prophets in those days :rofl:.
  20. Is anyone wondering why that was such a dud game last night????????

    I reckon NSW should immeadiately sack coach Murray and get in a more passionate and smarter coach...............Craig Bellamy comes straight to mind!

    NSW have one of the most inspirational and smartest players in Danny Buderus and he did not use his damaging dummy half runs once throughout the entire game!!!

    He MUST have been playing to instructions from the coach.

    The 80 minute man (hindmarsh) got erratic game time and found it difficult to play to his "rythm"

    Steve Simpson was dynamic when he came on, but had little game time.
    If someone is playing well and has not tired, ya leave them there!!!

    Brett Kimmorly was outstanding (as was Brett Stewart at full back), but Anasta (even though he broke his hand early and should have come off) was a passenger, but yet Murray left Bird on the bench for too long!

    Jarrod Hayne had a good game, but was used as a battering ram.
    The rest of the backs were sh!t.

    Bailey plodder and left on the field for FAR too long.
    Kite no game time
    Mason good go forward
    Andrew Ryan tried hard all night
    Hoffman not yet there, but one day will be great.

    The game plan had no imagination and lacked authority. The backs were obviously not included in his plans and were only really used to cart the ball out from their own 20m

    It wasn't a case of QLD not letting us play, but simply a case of playing into the oppositions hands.

    Sack Murray now!!!! :evil:

    rany over, I think I will back QLD next game :(