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cane toads are coming to sydney . this is crazy

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by fredie, Feb 6, 2009.

  1. taree now :eek: . comming south . :shock: its a parasite :mad:

  2. Re: cane toads are comming too sydney . this is crazy

    So many great ideas come out of Queensland......the cane toad is just one of many.
  3. Time to invest in some Golf Drivers and Cricket Bats!

  4. u make shoes out of them :twisted:
  5. A 7 iron is great for getting under them. You get nice lift and some decent distance on them.
    Most of all you get the nice rewarding THUD!!
  6. I concur 7 iron is the way to go, you'll only need to worry about them after rain, or if you live near any standing water, and keep your pets away from them, and your kids.
  7. kitchen sink :roll:
  8. We definitely need our automatic weapons back.
  9. Just another thing trying to get out of QLD as quick as they can! lol
  10. why would u want out of qld fast :roll:
  11. Not that I'm suggesting this, but a spray bottle full of Detol (the antiseptic...brand seems to make some difference) does very immediate (and they reckon humane) things to cane toads. Quite incredible really.

    But yeah...not suggesting it, I can't vouch for accuracy re:humaneness.
  12. We heard the same thing. We have a super soaker for the purpose.

    The most humane method is collection, bagging and then gassing.

    I hate the toads, they are hideous (and very dangerous to my dogs), but I can't bring myself to club them to death. They might be evil, but they deserve more than that.
  13. What's also quite amazing is that during my time in Cairns, we noticed that after some yobbos had gone toad-kicking down the street, in the morning some of the toads are gone, even though they had been right fcuked up and booted across the road with their guts hanging out and everything.

    This intrigued us, so after the post-pub people came past and booted a toad, once again with it's guts out of it's mouth, we kept watching it. After about 15 mins, the toad used it's front legs to swallow it's guts again, then happily hopped off into the night.

    It lead us to believe they do that as a defence mechanism, maybe to allow animals to get one taste of their yucky insides so they take off...surely they haven;t adapted quickly enough to do it to get humans to think "stop, stop, it's already dead". Don't know for sure why this was happening, pretty crazy to watch though.
  14. Just a warning for when you get them.
    They are slippery!
    First time I was wheeling the bike out from under cover (backwards and turning) rear wheel went over one and almost slipped dropped the bike.
    Second doing the something and stood on one again almost dropped.
  15. Might take up golf again now :grin: .
  16. Please note section 9 paragraph (a) in the cruelty to animals act.....

    Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act 1986 - SECT 9

    9. Cruelty

    (1) A person who-

    (a) wounds, mutilates, tortures, overrides, overdrives, overworks, abuses, beats, worries, torments or terrifies an animal; or
  17. arent the carcasses poisonous?

    i read an article a few weeks ago about how the ones at the fore front
    (i.e. the faster moving ones) are breeding bigger and bigger (as they are breeding with the other faster moving ones out front) leading to them developing heart problems & dying quicker.

    but that still leaves the slower moving ones out the back getting hardier as only the ones who can survive on the foods leftover by the faster moving ones live, then they are breeding with simmilar ones.

    the faster moving ones travel up to 1km over night.

    i still think john howard looks like a cane toad.

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  19. you freeze them in the freezer :twisted:
  20. Why put those things in ya freezer. They won't die immediately.

    Never coming to your place for a beer.