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Cancelling indicators, direction

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by CamHornet, Apr 7, 2006.

  1. I'm just seeking a bit of clarification on this topic because I couldn't find any information on the road traffic code regarding the cancellation of indicators... I suspect I would be "morally" in the right, but I know how well "morally" works when compared to "technically" in this country...

    I had a situation this morning where I almost hit another car due to them cancelling their indicator and change of direction.

    I'll lay it out straight for you all... Please comment as you see fit.

    I was attempting a U-turn from a right turn lane (dedicated right-turn only); the other car was travelling in the opposite direction in the right hand lane of a two-laned road. Coming from his direction you could also turn right, but there wasn't a dedicated right-turn-only lane on his side.

    What had followed was this:

    Approaching the intersection, he had indicated to turn right and had slowed down to a crawl. I had seen him do this and proceeded to move into the intersection. However, I noticed when I had jutted over his lane that he had changed his mind and accelerated straight ahead. I almost hit the side of his car at this point...

    Any thoughts on legalities, etc, if I actually hit him?
  2. Indicators are an indication of intent, nothing more. A cage (or a bike) can drive with them on and never make a turn, and that is annoying buy not illegal. My missus pulled out infront of a left turn signaling bus once and got sideswiped as it never made the turn. It was 100% her fault as far as insurance goes beacuse indicators are not legally binding. If the car had hit you (or vice versa), it would have been your fault for pulling out in front of them. The moral of the story is dont ever rely on indicators to predict what a car will do.
  3. You can't violate right of way, even if someone didn't go where they indicated.
  4. I don't trust indicators alone, but he slowed down to a crawl as well...

    Morally I'd be right. It would be good road-craft to follow-through with your actions if they were going to impact on others.

    After-all, if a car made you drop your bike because they almost hit you, do they have some negligence on their part?

    Technically (and this is the bummer) I guess I'd be paying out insurance. Unless I had witnesses I couldn't imagine ever winning anyway.

    I guess that the moral of the story is don't trust anyone... I feel so despondant now...
  5. Dont you guys/girls just hate that!@!

    just cant stand being behind someone who doesnt know they have the indicator on... even people overtaking someone they like leave it on indicating right yet get back in the left lane still got it on. for km.. *^*%*%

    I understand with a bike you cant hear the clicking sound.. but in a cage come-on! *leighton hought style* (spl?)
    And I've seen young people doing it too.. tell me you cant hear that click-click-click? :twisted: :evil: :shock:
  6. I'm assuming they have their incessant Glen Miller doof-doof music turned up too loud.
  7. I know its a pisser, but who turned into who is easier to prove than someone slowing then accelerating. If I saw that, I would be horrified at the car. That probably wouldn't translate so well after the fact. You can never ride defensively enough.
  8. Totally agree, unfortunately...
  9. unfortunately you would have been in the wrong. years ago a similar thing happened to me. i was waiting to do a right hand turn and the car coming towards me had his indicator on to do a right turn, so as this was peak hour and there was a break i proceeded, only for the clown to change his mind, and without cancelling the indicator went straight on an t-boned me. I was in the wrong as i failed to give way.. :?