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[Cancelled] Lithgow via Bells Line run Sunday the 6th

Discussion in 'NSW' started by 87crisis, Sep 19, 2013.

lithgow via bells line run sunday the 6th.
Start Date: Sep 19, 2013 23:00
End Date: Sep 20, 2013 01:00
Time Zone: Australia/Sydney +10:00 AEST

yo mama's crib
where all the crabs at
clapsville yomomma

Posted By: 87crisis

Confirmed Attendees: 1
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  1. i had originally started this in the monthly goonies run thread but it's just all over the fecking shop in there so to avoid confusion i've started this thread for those interested to get involved with some fellow riders and take a run up the mountains

    i will edit this post closer to time if need be but as it stands

    the run will start from penrith panthers maccas carpark at 10am (we will leave by 10:30 at absolute latest...which i always suck and make it just in time so that works out well)

    we will then proceed out to richmond and up bells line before heading back down the mountains via the great western highway

    then stopping off for a drink/smoko and feed if people are interested at springwood sports club as it has a nice back deck area

    after that - we can either stop off at springwood lookout (yellowrock/hawkesburry lookout...it is known by many names) just up the road for a photo op....then take the hairpins down the mountain and back to penrith

    if people don't wish to do that...that's fine - you can always continue on the great western highway east until it turns to the m4 again where you should all be familiar.
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  2. @109er @Fridgy35 @Blaise @taymaishu @MadAzz300 @cockrocket @Siwagod @Thirsty Dave (only tagging you so you know the dates and just incase things change and you can come matey)

    as said in other thread i'll probably drag my old neighbour and a old riding buddy along aswell....just realised i also have a friend whom is new to riding ....might go on a ride with him before hand to see if he's upto this run.
  3. I'm in, I'm going to be up anyways doing the visiting/birthday/get the fcuk out of Melbourne thing regardless
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  4. Thanks guys.

    Looks like my bike won't be ready :(

    If the miracle does occur, I'm in, but doesn't look likely :(
  5. Sep 19th????

    Is this "Back To The Future"?
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  6. If it's october and not already done i'm in. And if your neighbour is named brad, Tell him he's smelly
  7. Naw brad is a old mate I might be dragging along and yes it's on the 6th of next month - I just CBf dealing with all the new thread post options

    Lol how do we know if its the same brad? Or do Bradley's in general just smell ?
  8. #8 waedwe, Sep 20, 2013
    Last edited: Sep 20, 2013
    Bradleys in general just smell, but if he had a 125 Aprilla and it's now house furniture i'd say it's him.

    Oooh double demerits on grand final day, i guess i can miss the early matches lol
  9. Lol after its second engine shat itself yeah...and double demerits on the 5th/6th? Thought they were the weekend before

  10. I go by the number of weeks left in the league season, next weekend is major semis, the weekend after the 6th is grand final, and it's always on the long weekend which is double demerits
  11. correcto mundo
    Labour Day
    Monday, 7 October
  12. Gayyyy so gayyyyy ....I might ride like a girl at the back of the pack and shit stir you lee :p

    As you know I generally refuse to ride on double demerits
  13. S'up to you matie - apparently the police are out in full force this weekend - nasho - old pac - probs next weekend too, and of course for double D's

  14. Whyyyyyuu !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. Blame the kiddies and their holidays ;)
  16. Feckin retards
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  17. hmm well this is terribly frustrating as i was under the belief that it was the 28th that was the double demerits weekend....not the 6th

    considering shit-canning the ride sadly as the concept of losing my license and ability to get the 500 odd kilometre's home to an angry wife due to extra po'po about with double demerits ....that + there isn't much interest so far so thinking it's better to cull it before the beast has a life of it's own.

  18. Probably a good idea, the double demerits don't have an impact on me, but still the fines do hurt the wallet