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*CANCELLED* 19th-20th March Halls Gap Ride

Discussion in 'VIC' started by Roderz, Feb 14, 2005.

  1. I'm interested in an Overnight ride on the weekend of the 19th and 20th of March.

    I don't currently have a destination in mind, so I'm willing to hear suggestions and the one that has the most interest is what I'll do.

    I'm not particularly interested in leading or organising a ride, but if no-one else steps up, I'll do it.

    My suggestion is Bright.

    Speak up people, I'd really hate for a weekend off to go to waste.

  2. Yes, no, maybe, it's all too hard. Why can't all the great places just come to use once in a while?
  3. Hmm... maybe I should have asked for constructive posts only for the first page? Hmm?

  4. That would have been wize....oh, sorry! :oops: :p :D
  5. Yeah, you can most likely count me in. Will confirm when time comes nearer. Perhaps somewhere other than Bright? Not all roads lead to Bright :D
  6. Omeo??..just past Bright :wink:
  7. So you want a weekend away on the weekend of the Tsunami Appeal????

    tsk, tsk, tsk.....
  8. Re: 19th-20th March O/nighter to Somewhere

    so is it January or March?
  9. Bit early to be planning a weekender in January 2006 Roderz???
  10. what month are you talking about???

    if you mean this month, the 19th/20th of february i'm going down to wilsons prom, there are some great roads down there...
    feel free to come all you need is a tent.
  11. So Insano, you do get more than 20kms out of town then? This is a surprise :LOL:
  12. who cares how far out of town you get as long there are good roads on your doorstep...

    the wilsons prom rd is like reefton spur, fantastic surface, nice sweeping corners and there is good views of the beach. So are you and your dirty yellow VFR in?
  13. Unfortunately I will be unable to grace you with my prescence on that one. (I have the offspring staying for the weekend) Cheers
  14. bring em on the back you chump :LOL:
  15. I would but it would end up with beatings & possibly a death in the family :LOL: :LOL:
  16. Re: 19th-20th March O/nighter to Somewhere

    Crap... that was a pretty bad slip up...
  17. so which is it?
  18. how about rawson, via noojee. get there early nuff, dump gear and go to walhalla for a bit?
    pls confirm, so i can decide whether to go to halls or with you rabble.
    have to let the boss know. both of them. one for time off and the other for permission :)
  19. 19-20th of March is when I'm looking at.

    cnstr if you want to take charge and lead whoever's in to Rawson I'm quite happy to go along with that.
  20. Since the Hall's Gap ride has been changed to the 12th/13th I can't go.

    Count me in for this ride Roderz.