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Canberra to Tassie and back

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Cpt Slow, Jun 24, 2016.

  1. Hi Folks

    Last April i spent 2 weeks riding from Canberra to Albury, along the Alpine Hwy to Mt Hotham (what a ride), down to Barnsdale, over to Melbourne, overnight ferry across to Devonport, straight south to Huonville then back up the east coast for the return trip. Can you believe it was a work trip!

    My R1200RT didn't miss a beat and was a pleasure to ride over the entire 3315km. No near misses, no road rage, nothing but fine weather, empty roads and friendly locals. Highly recommended. I have a million and fifty pics and many gig of vids that i might upload at some stage.

    I did the trip by myself as i couldn't find any ridding buddies that could do the dates. Mind you, doing a solo trip is definitely a way to meet people and get yourself out of your comfort zone.

    get in touch if you want to know more.

    Cpt Slow
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  2. Welcome to Netrider Cpt SlowCpt Slow and Wow ! your trip sounds like it was heaven, good stuff and look forward to seeing a few pics ;)
  3. Hey, welcome to the forum captain.
    I did a similar trip in '97 when the Superbike round was on at Phillip Island. Rode to Phillip Island on that bike in my avatar. Then spent the next few days along the Great Ocean road to Port Campbell, (12 Apostles.. now 7 I think).
    That was an awesome adventure. Around 3000 klm trip.
    Like you said, no road rage, no near misses, friendly every where we went.
    My right shoulder was sore for 3 weeks after getting home.
    Haven't been anywhere that far since then.
  4. Thanks for your comments. At first i found i was tiering easily & needing lots of coffee stops but as time went on i became more comfortable, could ride longer & ended up doing the return trip from Melbourne to Canberra in 10 hours easily.

    I am thinking of the Great Ocean rd Next April wich is a sweet time of year to ride. Probably Canberra, Melbourne, Adelaide & cross country return to ACT.

    Any takers?

    Oh yeah, i am realy Cpt Slow (speed limit or there abouts), nothing to prove, dont need any fines, enjoy the scenery & give myself more time to avoid the clowns.
  5. G'day and welcome, CaptainCaptain. Your south-east and Tasmanian tour sounds marvellous. I like your touring ideas as per your profile. Any chance of a ride report and some photos in the Roads, Touring, Journeys & Travel forum section of your trip at some point?
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  6. Its my plan but time is always the issue. I have put some vids on youtube but seems i need more cred on netrider before i can put up links. As for the ride report which hit r you keen on. 3000k covers just about everything except plaufes of locusts.
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  7. That's not Cpt Slow, that's Cpt Sensible. I ride a CBR1000RR on the road the exact same way. I have a race track I can go nuts on.

    It's surprising how quickly you adjust to long stints on the bike. I managed 720k's straight up on the blade after a 20 year absence from riding. Piece of cake.

    Would love to r ad more on your trip.

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  8. Welcome to the forum Cpt SlowCpt Slow ,

    1) why is that poor bike laying down in your avatar pict!?? :nailbiting::facepalm:

    2) sounded like an awesome
    Trip! Def put up piccies on the link XJ6NXJ6N recommended :)

    If you are scouting for riding buddies maybe also start a event in the Events page under the respective states.

    Make sure you put up a showcase of your bike.

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  9. On the way to Southport (south of Hobart)I was cold so i got off to pull my socks up and the stand wasn't fully locked. The slight downhill was just enough for the bike to roll forwards and over. So i waited till a lovely young gentlemen in his Hilux and flannie gave me a hand to right the beast while the girlfriend watched. Lovely helpful people in Tas. I probably could do it on my own but that would only add scratches.

    I will showcase my bike and a few bespoke mods another day. probably do some pics too.
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  10. Ouch! It's hard to see such graceful beasts laying down! :facepalm:
  11. Barely a scratch. Just a little nick to remind me of southern Tas on a cold rainy Fri arvo. Anyway. it kinda goes with the Cpt Slow.
  12. Welcome mate :cool:

    I've done the thing with the stand too :)
  13. welcome aboard :) looking forward to seeing some pics
  14. gday Cpt SlowCpt Slow looking forward to seeing some of those pics and footage
  15. Welcome..

    And also looking forward to more pics...
  16. Great ride report, that's definitely on my to-do list.....