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Canberra to Tassie and back - April 2016. Distance covered 3315km

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Cpt Slow, Jun 27, 2016.

  1. Hi Folks

    A few Vids from my Tas trip. I have a million and will put them up as i process them.

    Bicheno Motorcycle Musem

    National Auto Museum of Tasmania
    Part 1 Pre 1950s

    Part 2 Muscle Cars

    Part 2 Sports Cars

    Part 3 Motorcycles

    Targa Tasmania 2016
    Targa Tasmania 2016

    Hope you enjoy!
    Cpt Slow
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  2. I do indeed enjoy. Now, just so you're aware of the calibre of person I am, I once owned quite a few of the vehicles shown in the video from the National Auto Museum of Tasmania. It is a mere detail that they were 1:64 scale and had 'Matchbox' on the underside of the die-cast.

    It looks like you're having fun in the Targa video too; what a great place to be out and about on a motorcycle. Thanks very much for posting, CaptainCaptain! I'll make my way through the other videos later today.
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  3. Glad you enjoyed. The Targa vid is only a fraction of the action i stumbled across on my way up the East Coast. Who would wont to own all of those old cars anyway?
    I once herd a fella say 'old cars are like old women, everybody admires them, but nobody whats them'. or this that to unPC.
  4. That's an absolutely dreadful thing to say...keep it up. (y) As I think I heard you remark in the Targa video, "If I could afford it, I'd be one of them...". I bet it was pure joy getting your R1200RT along those roads. I look forward to doing the same.
  5. You may have noticed in my profile pic my bike slightly askew. On the way to Southport (south of Hobart)I was cold so i got off to pull my socks up and the stand wasn't fully locked. The slight downhill was just enough for the bike to roll forwards and over. So i waited till a lovely young gentlemen in his Hilux and flannie gave me a hand to right the beast while the girlfriend watched. Lovely helpful people in Tas. I probably could do it on my own but that would only add scratches. Don't put off your trip to Tas, gotta tick the bucket list.
  6. Yes, a lot of these 'how to pick your motorcycle up' videos don't fully take into account all the variations of where and how the bike ends up after a fall and being on an incline would make it doubly if not triply hard to get up without further injury to yourself or the bike. I've just gone from a ~200-kilogram to a ~300-kilogram motorcycle and while I am sure I could have picked up the first bike, not so sure about this one. :-/ It is good for your faith in humanity when someone comes along, willing to help.
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  7. You'd be surprised how a mixture of anger, embarrassment and adrenalin can give you super human strength haha. Nice vids Cpt SlowCpt Slow (y)
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  8. What a spot-on summation! I haven't dropped a bike yet (have come very close though!) but there's going to be that moment when I can't flat-foot it or do something unintended when making a U-turn on an incline, perhaps somewhere on tour in Tasmania.

    Thinking over this, I'd better buy some frame-sliders for my bike before I go. :-/ I have most certainly done the instinctive look-around to see if anyone's seen me when tripping over or somesuch. You can bet I'd be red-faced and straining like I'm trying to pass a house-brick, getting the bike back up before someone sees.

    On another tack - having another look at Cpt SlowCpt Slow's Targa video now; the sound of those Porsche's launching; awesome!
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