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Canberra to Taree, and back again.

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by coxc, Sep 17, 2012.

  1. In preparation for riding around Australia, over a year at the least. I figure I may actually want to do a 2 weeker first. I'll probably head off in 3-4weeks, when I can replace my seat.
    I don't know most of the roads, and would greatly apprieciate any advice.

    This is my route so far, Kurri, Taree are set (buckets way and putty would be nice too). But the rest is open for altering. Where possible I'd prefer to be traveling on great roads through larger small towns with access to shops, and places to camp or pubs.

    I'll be either camping or possibly staying in pubs, aside from Taree, and Kurri.


  2. Born and raised in Taree. Beautiful part of the world, that.
  3. You would be mad not too alter your course a bit and ride Nowendoc road . stay out at the Knorrit flat camp ground . 11$ for the night

    Best spot on earth , and a great ride out their through Mt George ,then down a dip like i never seen before

    I dream about this ride
  4. Taree ... from 6yrs to 'adulthood'.

    Physically. Landscape is beautiful and perfect for fun.

    Town itself, overall feel .. couldn't' wait to escape :)
  5. Thanks for the replys. Taree is quite a nice area, my grandmother lives on the buckets.

    I simplified the route to Taree. Including a detour to the road you mentioned.
    Alternatively I may use that segment as the first part of the return.

    If anyone knows of some nice places I could go via I'd apprieciate it.
    Or any segments of the route that may be not so great.


    No idea on getting back, but I may try to get as far west as reasonable on the way back.
  6. some ideas.

    can detour in and out of kangaroo valley (very tight twisty and narrow)

    can detour from nowra into kangaroo valley, up to robertson and down the brilliant macquarie pass

    exiting wollongong, could continue up the coast and through the royal.

    or if you want to go inland go up Mt Keira road and not the main road you have now.
  7. wootton way is a great quick detour off the F3 just after bucketts. Would recommend, same for bucketts way.
  8. silly not to do the Oxley after getting so close........ maybe on the return?

    Taree - Oxley to Walcha, Bendemeer, Tamworth then head south via Bylong Way and Bathurst... well, you said you wanted to go west LoL :)
  9. This is what I'm looking at for the way back. Probably spend a full day around the Ox.


    No major overlap of roads, I just hope I can get 95 along the way. But I'm sure the bike can run on goats piss, if I keep the revs low.