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Canberra to Brisbane

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by the_barbarian, Apr 11, 2007.

  1. Hello people I was wondering what prople thought of doing a not stop execpt fuel and food all the way from Canberra to Brisbane

    My sister lives up there and some friends and I were thinking about fling up then it hit me mmm should i ride.

    the ride would be in november what do you suggest for the trip i belive its about 11 hours run
  2. It's about 11 hours Sydney to Bris so I think Canberra to Bris might add an extra hour or so at least.
  3. ok thanks well its about 2.5 hours to Sydney but thanks to the the M7 its like 3 hours to the outer north of Sydney
  4. WoW lonnnnnnnng journey......... make sure u get good rest breaks in between, really good!
  5. I've done the trip in a car a few times, but not on the bike. You can do it in a day but it's a b!tch! I'd go the coast way, 1-2 hrs longer but the inland way is soooooo boring, dead flat, straight roads.

    You riding or driving?
  6. I was looking at riding

    im probably going to fly it just sounded like a fun ride

    really interested in finding out what people recon i should prepair for i have a dririder with a saturation pack

    my only real concern is once i get there ill be there for only 2 days then i will have to ride back

    its something like 1300ks either way im guessing
  7. Easy, your bike will not even raise a sweat. But I reckon you should plan on a bit more than 11 hours :shock:.

    I go to Melbourne via the Princes Highway and the Monash into the city, (around 1,100 kms) and at legal speeds and with fuel stops and a meal break it, it can be up to 15 hours. But, yeah, do it, you'll surprise yourself, and be raving about it for months afterwards.

    Suggested route.

    Canberra to Sydney, Hume highway, dead boring (although you have a cruiser, so it should at least be comfortable!)

    You can then either brave a bit more boredom on the F3 to Newcastle and then enjoy the Pacific Highway all the way to Brisbane, or head out towards Windsor, take the Putty Road to Singleton, and then the New England Highway through Tamworth and into Queensland via the South-Western route.

    Make sure you take 5 or six minutes of 'walk around and stretch' time at every fuel stop, and make one one-hour-minimum meal stop, around the two thirds distance mark.
  8. thanks Hornet thats the stuff i was looking for
  9. and when u get here let us lot know so we can catch up.....all these southern visitors *whew*

  10. PM Davo for tips on long distances, this sort of ride is a day trip to him!

    Regards, Andrew.
  11. You are looking at about 13 hours without any stops at legal speeds if you go Hume>M7>Pennant Hlls rd to F3>Turn left onto Pacific Hwy at Hexam bridge> follow through to Bris.

    If you are doing it in the daytime, factor some traffic through Sydney, and maybe through small towns on Pacific Hwy it will easily add an hour with slower speeds. Pack wets and a puncture repair kit, and a compressor/pump/CO2 bottles in case of a flat.

    If going the Pacific Hwy and staying off the inland (New England Hwy) route to avoid wandering animals, I personally would do the ride starting in ACT maybe around 8pm, and travel through the night. There will be almost no traffic and you can keep the speeds up a bit to shorten the trip time, and November isn't really a cold time of year so no issues on the bike at night with being frozen to death. At night you could save easily 2 hours.
    Alot of people won't ride at night (sometimes in certain locations it is wise not to), they are scared of the dark, but on the Pacific Hwy route there is lots of 24hr fuel, and food.

    Ask yourself if the cost of fuel, and the time taken especially if you have to do the ride twice in only a couple of days is really worth it, when you could fly for a couple of hundred $$ in about 2 hours each way. Doing these types of trips alone is also that much harder and boring, it can be very lonely doing 10+ hours on a bike at night by yourself.
  12. thanks again guys this is the sort of things i wanted to consider

    the reason for wanting to ride in stead of fly is simple

    planes bore the crap out of me and riding is so enjoyable

    ill probably end up flying but it is something i will do one day even if not in November

    I never thought about what if i get a flat how on earth would you get the tyre off to fix it

    isnt there some foam spray you can buy in an aerosol can so you can limp to a servo
  13. Travelling by plane is about the destination;
    Travelling by bike is about the journey :wink:.
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  15. Just spotted this.

    very few people can hold a 100k average over 1300klms, a "fair" gauge is plan on 92-94kph average and be happy if you get 96. Thats with no messing about at stops, 10mins in and out or faster and sit at a contant speed.

    Have fun, I did 98kph average Bris>Fremantle last Jan but thats with a lot of practise.

    take care and enjoy
  16. Just had a few minutes and ran Canberra to Brisbane CBD's through my GPS software and ts 1241klms so depending on where to where exactly its still under 1300. Mapsource says 12hrs so go from there but definately doable if you have done at least 500-600k days before. If your biggest day is one a few hundred you may have a hard time of it.
  17. Depends on whether you are at the pointy end of the plane or not Paul! :driver:

    Regards, Andrew.