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Canberra to Bairnsdale

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by Boxer, Sep 20, 2005.

  1. Any ideas on a route? Been doing some reading on the Barry Way. Any ridden it? Looks rough but fun.

  2. Well Boxer if rough dirt roads are your thing then go for it :)
    But for a road bike Ide be going coma, Threbo, down around towards bright, over the Towonga gap up to Hotham over to Omeo then down to Bairnsdale. Fun fun fun :D :D :D
  3. Another route is via Cooma, Bombala and Cann River. Fast, sweeping and enjoyable. :D :D :D
  4. Yep, not a bad run. It's about 310 km from Can'tberra to Cann River, and about another 160 km or so to Bairnsdale.

    Cann River has PULP in varying flavors if you need it.

    Only problem are 'roos as you head out of the ACT and cops along the Monaro Highway. Usually fairly quiet once into Vic. We've never had any hassles.

    Cops are fairly active around the Princes Highway, particularly near Orbost and in between and around Bairnsdale/Bruthern area.
  5. Shit yes! What he said! :twisted: :D
  6. Great stuff if you don't mind the dirt. About 15km north of Seldom Seen, turn east down the steepish escarpment to McKillops Bridge, the big, old timber bridge across the Snowy River, superb.

    A completely different way (away from the usual) would be Canberra- Tharwa-Shannons Flat-Adaminiby (about 35-40km fair dirt), into Berridale, south to Dalgety, east/ south-east towards Bombala and the Monaro Hwy (last 18km are dirt, about 12 mths ago it was superb, good for waaaay above the speedlimits all the way ( would never do it, of course), Bombala, Delegate, Bonang, into Orbost.
    It's the Bonang Hwy, 115km of twisties, 2 sections of dirt totalling 20km straddling the state border. If you ever have the chance, do it before it's completely sealed and the crash-monkeys get up there, and all that brings with it (lower limits/ the fuzz/ etc etc).
    (go easy between Bombala and Delegate, the bare highlands allow radar-lockins from miles away...).

    Orbost, backroad to Buchan, southwest to Bruthen, Bairnsdale.
    (watch your speed between where the Buchan road joins the main hwy, right into Bairnsdale).

    For the way back: Bairnsdale, Bruthen, north to Omeo and north again to Mitta Mitta (30km fair dirt, some corrugation uphill outta bends).
    For an extra buzz turn west in Swifts Creek and follow the signs to Omeo.
    Tight/ twisty/ deserted, watch gravel and tractors/ 4trax.

    You'll LOVE the stretch between Omeo and Blue Duck,
    good place for a break/ drink and clear the head after the last 30km of rollercoaster.

    Outta Mitta Mitta turn east up to Dartmouth Dam and a beer on the pub-verandah in Dartmouth on the way back down. Great views.

    North through Eskdale, turn east onto Murray Vly Hwy, a few km later north through the Granya Gap, through Granya-town and east again, follow the banks of the Murray upriver to Tintaldra (cops around Walwa).
    Tintaldra-Tumbarumba, then north for an orgy of fair-clip-sweepers through Batlow to Tumut.
    North to Gundagai on a kidney-shaker, fwy home?

    There's lots of other stuff, above routes take into account low traffic volumes/ low plod presence/ great scenery....if you don't mind some dirt to string it all together.
    They ain't easy/relaxed/fast roads though....some of it is pretty technical.
  9. Good stuff, glad you enjoyed it. :D
    How was the dirt section?
    Personally, I hope they'll never find the $$ to seal it all the way...
    Like the MittaMitta-Omeo stretch and a few others like it.
    :wink: :wink:
  10. Good stuff, glad you enjoyed it. :D
    How was the dirt section?
    Personally, I hope they'll never find the $$ to seal it all the way...
    Like the MittaMitta-Omeo stretch and a few others like it.
    :wink: :wink:-(/quote]
    The dirt on the NSW was great, hard packed, on the Vic side there was a fair bit of loose gravel, nothing to worry about though as most of the really loose stuff was in the far reaches of the corners. :D
  11. Sounds good. Gotta do another run up there... :)
  12. Did the run over the weekend. Left Canberra on Friday morning to Cooma (boring) and went down to Bombala to meet up with some friends for the ride to Bairnsdale. Over to Delegate and then down the Bonang to Orbost - great rode, 125km of twisties that just don't let up! The dirt section is no issue and I agree with the comments about not sealing it. Don't want to much traffic on that road. From Orbost was down the highway to Bairnsdale for the night.

    Saturday was up the Great Alpine Road to Bright - amazing road, hard work down the hill from Hotham. Spectacular scenery. The afternoon run was from Bright to Falls Creek. Greaaaaaat piece of road.

    Today we ran from Bright back to Canberra, through Tallangatta, Corryong then up past Khancoban to Kiandra. Single lane a lot through the national park but plenty of good twisties. Kiandra back through Cooma to Canberra was just all plain riding.

    Great run, almost no traffic on the roads - particularly of the kind that can hand out fines! Good group of blokes to ride with.

    Thanks for the input on routes.
  13. Hmmm, there's a ride I must do someday soon. My only concern would be the dirt; I found out last month on the run over from Healsville to Launching Place that the 16" front wheel is VERY nervous on dirt.....
  14. First time I had taken my road bike on anything more than a patch of dirt. Thought this stuff was pretty easy - ie bugger all corrigation, pot holes or lose stuff.