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Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by philmydang, Feb 25, 2014.

  1. Hi guys, I was thinking of making this trip soon and wondered if anyone knew what the road conditions were like. Tried searching and the latest I got was a few years ago reporting about a 4km stretch of dirt near Tarago somewhere. Anyone know if this is all sealed now?

  2. To the best of my knowledge the only dirt on that trip would be if you chose (unnecessarily) to ride down Turpentine Road to join the Princes Highway south of Nowra. If you continue past that turnoff it is all tar right to Nowra.
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  3. If coming from Bungendore there is no dirt unless there is road works. From Tarago you cut accross to Oallen Ford Road which intersects Nerriga Rd, turn left for the pub and Nowra or right for Braidwood. There are sections of dirt on Oallen Ford rd probably about 50%. Nerriga rd is tared all the way to Nowra, couple of kays dirt if heading to Braidwood. We do it on sportsbikes with no problems.

  4. Do you mean down to batemans bay then up the coast?
    I'd like to go via Tarago but my skinny 21 inch front wheel probably won't agree :p
  5. Im guessing you would go Queenbeyan-Bungendiore-Tarago.
  6. there's about 1km of dirt on the Oallen Ford Rd.. after the river crossing.
    It's really easy.. Tarago - Nerriga - Nowra is such a lovely run..

    Don't make the mistake and go to Bungendore - then - Kings Hwy towards Braidwood and take the left onto Nerriga Road from here as that has a LOT more dirt from that end..

    You'll be fine if you pass through Tarago.. the Loaded Dog does a decent feed - good beer - terrible coffee, get your coffee at woodwork cafe in Bungendore!

    Make sure you wave to me when you pass through Queanbeyan :)