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Canberra People - Advice Needed

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Sir Skuffy, Aug 13, 2007.

  1. Hey All.

    Planning on a ride to Sydney this weekend.... Friday night in Sydney, Saturday night in Bega or Merimbula... Sunday morning ride to Albury to pick up trailer.... So...........................

    Bega - Cooma - cabrumurra - corryong - will this area have snow? :eek: :?

    Thanks in advance for your assistance

  2. Possibly ice on shaded parts of the road in the early morning, if it's cold. Certainly pack your warmest gear and take care in the shadowy bits and you'll be okay.
  3. I think there'd be a very, very good chance Cabramurra would have snow - I'd avoid that area at this time of the year. If you do take that route, take care!

  4. I would not attempt that route at this time of year. Maybe not so risky is the Snowy Mountains Highway....Cooma to Tumut...but it snows there too. But hey if it's raining, (probably foggy too) it would be unlikely there would be black ice.
    Rode the Snowy Mountains Highway in June a few years back...with fog from Tumut to Adaminaby. Could not even see far enough ahead to find a safe place to pull off the road. Not something I want to do again.
    You need to carry chains if driving the Alpine Way at this time of year.
  5. The road through Cabramurra is closed till Sept. (SNOW and ICE)

    Its the same every year I think.
  6. Thats the way I'd be heading. Even if the road over Cabramurra was open I wouldn't travel it this time of year either.
  7. coast road mitch!
    and take the big concrete slab from canberra to albury.
  8. Thanks Guys,

    Really appreciate the feedback.
  9. Plus it looks like it is snowing up there again today, SMH should be ok as they clear the snow from it, just make sure you do it at a cautious pace & later in the day, afternoon on a sunny day would be fine.

    Ring the Cooma Visitors center & the NPWS at Yarangobilly & they will give you an idea. RTA also give you road updates.

    I agree about going to Corryong through Cabramurra, road is closed all winter, always has been even though it is tar now. One to leave for summer I am afraid.
  10. Bed, Beer, Beef and Boobs at Mogo if you need it too :grin:
    ok, so i cant really deliver on the boobs....:LOL:
  11. Bit off topic, but what is the Snowy Mountains Highway like to ride?

    eg how wide is it, what's the surface like, lots of nice twisty sections etc...
  12. generally 2x3.2m lanes with 1.2m shoulders (translated - nicely maintained, and plenty wide). lots of 14mm seal, which provides for good traction, but eats tyres.
    close to accurate, the snowy mtns hwy actually ends at tathra, after 6kms of princes hwy at bega.
    towns include Tumut (all ammens), cooma (all ammens), nimmitabel (fuel, bakery, pub), bemboka (fuel, bakery, pub), bega all ammens), and Tathra (best pub on earth)
  13. To ride: Amazing
    Width: Adequate, but when some tool in his Landcruiser gets too adventurous and is on your side instead of his it can get exciting
    Surface: Generally good, but enough crappy bits for you to have to keep your mind on the job. It may or may not get damaged in winter and they may or may not patch it in spring.
    Twistys: Yes, yes and yes

    Can get v. cold at any time of year. Mid/late autumn is the best I reckon.

  14. Joel - please explain.... I am confused :? :shock:
  15. Sounds pretty good. I'm thinking about riding the SMH from Gundagai to Bega, then up to Tuross. Think I'll wait till it warms up a bit though...
  16. just letting you know there is accom. here in mogo if you need it. its not on your planned route, but if you went the coast road..... ;)
    i was just hyping it up a bit :LOL:
  17. The Mad Mile calls one and all!
  18. wll the SMH was lined with snow in the middle of may last year, this year they have had more snow fall right across the ranges, i'd certainly give it a miss if you can sir