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Canberra Noob

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by the_beast, Jun 19, 2008.

  1. have been lurking around here for a little while and thought I would say HI. I am from Canberra and have had my license a month now and just got my first proper bike a 97 Yamaha xvs650 dragstar. I say i have my first real bike because for the last month i have been riding a postie bike (which i loved). I have been riding most of my life, but mainly on the dirt, am so happy to be finallly on the road and look forward to meeting other canberra riders.

  2. before we go any further;
    North Side, or South Side?
  3. Oh no, not a north or south sider :!: :)
    I live in North Cooma :LOL: or at least that's what it was referred to when my family moved into the house. If you see a KLE 500 around Isabella Plains, that'd be me.
  4. south side! But honestly canberra is to small to care about side! will have to keep an eye out for the klr. Almost bought one but the wife didn't like the feeling of being on the back. So now i have my cruiser!!
  5. Welcome to Netrider, and riding the roads of Roundabout City.

    Next time you're in Macarthur, drop into the park area and have a look at the plaque commemorating the road-race meetings we ran there in the 70s :wink:.
  6. am I missing somethin here ? :?

    Oh .. and Welcome Aboard!
  7. to explain there is a big man made lake across the middle of canberra and anyone north is a northsider and anyone south (you got it) is a south sider! It is that simple. :?

    but honestly it is just the people with nothing to do that really care as it takes 30-40 minutes to get from one end of canberra to the other.

    Thanks for the great welcome too !!
  8. welcome, i guess.....
    i am one of the original kaleen boys :cool:
    so unfortunately we cant be best friends :p :p :p
  9. Another Newbie Canberrite here, I'm in the suburb next to Joel, in Giralang. I just got my full license so have been sussing out what will be my next move, it's looking like the GSXR 750 at the moment although my hubby wants me to get the R1, I think he wants me to kill myself!
  10. Welcome to NR.

    Its a great community with much collective knowledge.

    Look out for a stupidly loud CBR250 and that'll be me tearing it up around the North/West/East/Southside of Canberra as I ride everywhere.

    Wow what a great place Kaleen is :LOL: I'm in the much trendier neighboring suburb. :cool:
  11. you guys must realise that I now perform my K.B.C. duties from the lovely town of Mogo, on the South Coast near Batemans Bay.
    I even went to Kaleen High.
    Still very involved with all business and interests pertaining to K.B.C. like their new tavern at the old shops.
    ahh, the good ol' days.
    KHS class of 95 ;)
  12. hahaha ah kaleen what a great place to leave burnt out cars and caravan :LOL: . what am i saying i live in kambah :shock: . Can't wait to meet some of you and go for ride.

    Keep and eye out for a kinda loud black yamaha dragstar with a bloke with a beard on it and that will be me.

    Geez it is good to live in a place with such great roads !
  13. Kambah is God's country :LOL:

    Welcome mate, hope to see you at a ride or coffee night soon.
  14. yes it is !!

    when and where are common rides and coffee??[/quote]
  15. If only we didn't have all those damn cagers ey :wink:
    They absolutely ruin the twisties and are brake happy. Not to mention smelly and rude :shock: :LOL:
  16. Coffee is on Monday at Tilleys in Lyneham - we sit outside near the bikes, so just come up and say hello! Ride ideas tend to be hatched at coffee, or at our other hangout.
  17. as johno said, most of our rides are planned at our other hang out, there is actually very little canberra contribution on here, but we do know where its at :LOL:

    our rides vary from local fangs around the cotter, to dicing up the coastal roads, and the snowies in the warmer months when they are not so prone to ice

    there is also some other goods that are quite good in the area, or within an 45min - an hours ride
  18. Oh yeah, Kaleen is where all the best people live! I started life in Giralang but migrated in the mid '80s and have pretty much been there ever since.

    Is that the one in Ashburton Circuit? I had fish and chips there the other day, it was pretty good... and they have free pool! Sweet! Although I felt a bit out of place because I don't have a flouro jumper or drive a ute :oops:
  19. that's the one.
    next time, ask for eldo, and tell him i sent you ;)
    incidentally, i drive a ute, and wear fluro jumpers :rofl:
  20. From one newbie to another, welcome.

    Im on the southside too

    Currently getting around on a Red Spada - but only on weekends! (Sunday driver)