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Canberra newbie

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by PAK, May 27, 2008.

  1. Hello Netrider world!

    Thought this was as good as any place to kick start the "Posts" tally. Am now the owner of a second hand KLR650 to start commuting and work up to some longer trips eventually. Learnt through Qride a year or so back and picked up a lot of helpful tips to get strted from lurking in the forums, so though I should sign up to NR.

    Coming into riding at 27, I'm hoping I can straddle that age bracket where I am old enough to afford decent gear and not think wheelies at the traffic lights will impress anyone except the constabulary, but still still young enough to avoid any bike ownership vs kids arguements from the other half!

    Looking forward to being among at least a few people who won't question my mental soundness for starting riding in the Canberra cold!


  2. before youa re welcomed....northdsie, or southside?
  3. Hahha yea are you a southie or a northie.....Or even worse a queanbeyhole resident?
  4. you be careful, miss kate, being a southerner.
  5. South is where its all at. All the cool kids live there.
  6. i thought you wanted your door lock fixed :LOL: queanbeyan is where it is at, it's just that little bit closer to all the good roads and no i don't class the cotter as a good road just a means to an end

    oh and welcome to the forums, regular coffee meets (or whatever beverage you feel like consuming) are held every monday night at tilleys in lyneham
  7. I think being North or South is a matter of perspective. Welcome to the Avenue of the Road.

    I just sold my car, knowing full well how farrken cold it gets here. So, you're not alone. I bought some Icebreaker base-layer thermals and new DriRider Storm gloves.
  8. Welcome to Netrider, whatever side of Canberra you are :LOL:.
  9. Welcome to NR!

    PS.. I think we scared him off ? :?
  10. Not quite.

    Rather not say exact location, it's a bit of a giveaway, so let's just say "Inner North".

    Oh, and I still own a flanno from my time residing in Queanbeyan a few years back, so lay off! :p
  11. inner north huh? well, welcome :grin:
  12. "inner north" is almost as good as belconnen!

    welcome! Hope to see you at coffee or on a ride sometime soon :D
  13. Either side of town Welcome