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Canberra Newbie

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by Teamsherman, May 20, 2011.

  1. Gday folks,

    Ive been lurking for a couple of weeks now and only just signed up few days ago.

    My name is Alan, but people call me Al or Sherm or many other things i probably cant repeat here.

    Im 33 and a Paramedic in the Army currently posted and living in Canberra. Ive mostly ridden dirtbikes over the years but did ride a Honda CM250 Custom for about 6 months that a mate let me use while i had no car a couple of years ago. Ive only recently gotten my licence and am currently in the market for a bike.

    Ive been offered a GPX250 2004 model with about 48xxx Klms and RWC for $2000. I am keen on it but am not 100% about it just yet.

    Ive got a new helmet (AGV), winter jacket and some dryrider winter gloves. Im going to buy some Rjays Sprint boots next week and some draggin or similar jeans soon too. I will mostly ride to and from work (as diesel for my Patrol is getting too exxy) and the occasional stress relief ride after work and on weekends.

    Im looking forward to getting a bike and going on some group rides too.

    Anyway, enough dribble, see you in the threads!!


  2. Ah, to add.

    Ive test ridden a few bikes so far, 2 VTR250's, one GPX250 and a GS500F.

    I liked them all and am having trouble deciding what to settle on. I will mainly be riding around town and the occasional highway trip up to Sydney or maybe even down to Melbourne from Canberra. I obviously cant go over 80kph for the time being, but i dont want to upgrade to a bigger bike as soon as im allowed to do the normal speed limits so id like a bike that is comfortable doing 110kph aswell as the 50kph town stuff.

    Any tips or ideas are greatly appreciated!!!


  3. May I suggest a road-registerable trail bike like a yamaha wr250, or a smaller capacity DR (those are rare)? Or if you're comfortable with larger bikes, a Honda XR400, a Honda XR600R or a dual sport like a DR650? I'd suggest a KLR650 but those aren't learner legal in ACT. Most likely you will have to put a bit of work into the road registerbale trail bikes to get them on the road. The only learner legal off and on road bikes that come road legal as standard that I know are the DR650 and the KLR650. Then you've got the super motards, which are basically dirt bikes with road tyres and rims, such as the Yamaha WR250X ($$), the Suzuki DRZ-400SM, and the Sachs X-Road (chinese manufacturer).
  4. Hi there Sherm - I am in Canberra as well

    drop me a line on 0403538447 - come around and say hello and have a coffee

    also many riders in Canberra meet up at el cibo cafe in fyshwick on monday nights at about 5 pm

    whats the budget for the bike

    I picked up my previous wr250x for $5k with only 2000kms on it - so some bargains to be had - it was a great learner legal bike cheap on fuel and needs a service only every 10,000 kms ( filters basically and oil ) no valve work till 30,000 kms

    and it would do 130kms on monaro highway with me on it ( 186cm and 110kg )