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Canberra Motorcycle Centre (Mitchell) - Rant

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by slik50, Apr 11, 2009.

  1. Hi,

    I went to buy a ventura rack and bag for a GS500 at CMCC today. I am disgusted with their lack of common sense.

    I was told on the phone they had some in stock, yet when I arrive the sales assistant (dipstick) claims they don't carry them in stock. I explained my phone conversation and he "found one out the back"

    I wnted a different bag to the one that was packaged so he opened the box and swapped the 51 Litre bag for the 56 litre bag. Anyway, when he sealed the box up again he said "if there are any bolts missing just come back and we will sort it out". I thought his was a strange thing to say but being unimpressed with his we don't stock them effort though the less breath wasted on this guy the better.

    Anyway I get home only to find that the packaging inside the box for the arms and rack has been opened. All of the bolts are missing, the arm assemblies are incomplete and there are no instreuctions. Looking closer at the outer box I noticed that it was a return. I now understood his earlier comment. It was obvious to me he must have seen the condition of the contents when he changed the bag.

    Anyway I call the shop and they explain I'll need to bring the rack back and they will "see what they can do". Upon my return, they replace the package for the arms (now complete with the rest of the mounting materials and instructions).

    In all about 2 hours wasted in travel time, telephone calls and surfing the web seeing if I really need to go back or can just get bolts from Bunnings.

    The sales assistant knew if was a return yet could not be arsed checking the package was complete when it had obvioulsy been opened. All I got was a weak "sorry" and a sour look when I explained to another assistant that the person I dealt with needed some training and a kick in the backside.

    For once I would like to go to a motorcycle store in canberra and be served by a professional.....this is not the first time CMCC has wasted my time. From here on in I will use them to find the right size of gear etc and use online shopping because they simply do not add any value as a retail outlet.

  2. I suggest from now on, you go to Robbo's. Friends of the family.
    May not carry stock for the GS though.