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Canberra Cager scatters parked bikes

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Devilcv8, Mar 15, 2008.

  1. Surprised I haven't seen anything on here about this.
    Yesterday a car driver in a fit of rage at not being able to park, knocked over a bunch of bikes in Canberra. Last I heard the cops were at the driver's house but he was refusing to open the door.
    Photos I saw (at work) showed at least 6 bikes on their side, and at least the first one hit is a write off.

  2. WTF!

    That dude better loose his license over that.

    What if next time he cant find a car park he decides to run some people over?

    I would be just as pissed off if i saw that he did that to a bunch of cars. People like him should not be allowed on our roads.
  3. Damn, they've hit those bikes hard. Looks like they drive up over the footpath as well :shock:
    It's even worse that it's a motorcycle only parking bay anyway.

    Of course the driver will probably just blame "emotional problems" and be let off without any serious penalty.
  4. Ouch >_> Painful just to look at those bikes on the ground.
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  6. Driver left behind his front bumper and of course the number plate then refused to allow police into his house for a breath test.
    I'd say he is seriously in a lot of debt and pretty much fuxored.
  7. burn his house down put in some more debt
  8. Man, that's a horrible sight! He better not get off scott free. Then again, I pity the bikers without insurance cos I don't expect he had any.
  9. If he was frustrated he couldn't find a park, why didn't he park there after he made space? Silly bugger.

    But seriously, what a loser.
  10. Man .. that sux,

    One poor bugger on the site Jomo posted above is covered by insurance but still up for $750 excess !! At least he should be able to get that back !
  11. What a tool!!!

  12. At least ONE person here read it.... but if you read on there is debate amongst them about whether he has to pay it - be a biatch if he did.

    Because noone else read the link I posted (in which most of the riders of those bikes are actually posting) I will mention that it is believed that the driver was drunk and floored it whilst meaning to hit the brakes, he took off in panic, leaving his bumper and plate, then wouldn't let cops in so that he would be able to sober up for a test - which is good!! because if he blew above the limit his insurance would be void.

    Seriously though if you want to discuss this look at my link first....

    Oh and thanks to the guys on #ocau.mc for giving me the link
  13. Simply leaving the scene of an accident would be enough to void some insurance policies. And I don't think the cops will take to kindly to them refusing to take a breath test (always thought a refusal was considered the same as being over the limit).
  14. That depends...

    I'm not sure he has to let them into his house unless they have a warrent.

    Under those circumstances (odd as it may seem), he may not be legally seen as refusing a breath test, but as refusing entry.

    He could claim 'I am in my house, as soon as a warrant is granted I will let the police in and if they ask for a breath test I will comply'.

    As for leaving the seen of an accident... well yes.

    I suspect he won't be hit by the law anywhere near as hard as he deserves :evil:
  15. At least the CT110 wasn't damaged. No doubt it was hit head on, but refused to be dented.
  16. Refusing a breath test also voids insurance... I hope all the riders are covered...
  17. Haha i bet he rammed it a few times and gave up!

    Its no good about those bikes but looking at the carnage its really lucky that no one was seriously injured.