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Canberra Begginner!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by SemoBest, Oct 9, 2010.

  1. Hi All :)

    New rider in canberra, got the bike about 3 weeks ago (Black 250 Ninja), covered about 350-400km so far.

    Had my first shite myself moment yesterday when a camry decided it wanted to say hello as i came out of a left hand slip lane

    anyway, lets see if i have this picture business sorted!

    And one from last night to explain this ridiculous hangover... the fridge is now empty


  2. Welcome mate
    im sure your head hurt after a night with that fridge
  3. Welcome to road motorcycling dude! Take it easy, happens to all of us unfortunately, but you do get better at anticipating the buggers!

    Now I have a strange desire for a few bundy and cokes ...
  4. Cheers :)

    Up until that point i thought i was doing well at spotting them, then one of them slips by and you reconsider your observational skills!
  5. Welcome Semo!
  6. Well, you did buy a black ninja.
  7. Cagers frequently blame their failure to see a motorbike on its being coloured black, but I doubt they would blame their failure to see an Audi A4 or Merc E350 (or one of the many car models sold significantly in black) on its being coloured black. I reckon I could paint my bike fluoro pink and still get people merging into me. Painting the bike white and writing POLITE in blue reverse lettering across the windshield might yield different results though ...
  8. Keyword - ninja. Ninja black.
  9. This is true, it does add to my already impressive ninja abilities :p

    Yeah i accept the fact that people are just going to not see us, but was just surprised that it was in quite clear view at about 12:30 (sunny day).. noobie error, should of expeted him to change lanes mid intersection, tha particular turn is notorious for it.

    thanks for the welcome :), haven't been out riding in days! I think it's time i bailed on uni work to go riding
  10. welcome semo

    i must say that i do like the look of that can on your bike (and the bike is quite schmick as well). i'm impressed if it's stock. couldn't help laugh to myself when i saw the temp gauges on the hood of the bathtub next to you, at the thought of you zipping by him.
  11. Sure is, everything on it is stock (except the awesome tank pad protector) haha yeah one of the guys who works at the detailer owns it and won't listen to reason. Oh well :(