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Canberra Ave near HMAS Harman

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Devilcv8, May 22, 2007.

  1. My son learned a valuable lesson this morning. If the left lane is stopped do not get in the right lane as there is a good chance a car will want your spot. result is one 2007 GPX250R written off (first estimates) one AGV helmet did its job, one cordura jacket did its job (except for the elbow protector moving and allowing the right elbow to be ground down) the draggin pants are also a bin job. Both the cars that changed lanes stopped and weren't hit and fortunately there was an ACT paramedic with a take home car on her way to work so he received prompt medical attention. CMC picked up the bike promptly as well. All in all he is very lucky there wasn't more damage besides bark off elbow, knee and a bit of a knock around.
    Next time I will throw some shoes on before standing on the side of the road barefoot in trackies and a tshirt (it was cold)

  2. I heard this on the news this morning, i was hoping it wasn't too serious. But they said that parimedics were on the scene, which was fortunate for your son. Glad to hear he is ok and didnt obtain any serious injuries. Too bad about the bike....
  3. When I got the call from one of the people who stopped I flew up there quick, and I must admit my heart skipped a beat when I saw the paramedic car there. Just glad I didn't get there a few minutes later when the rescue truck turned up.
  4. Glad your son is ok .
    I presume he was rear ended ? If so what speed was the offending car traveling ?
  5. Glad the young fella is OK.

    Lesson learnt with only damaged pride and a few scratches, VERY lucky could have been worse.
  6. err, like he would know :roll:
    although, they do have interesting biomechanical devices these days....

    to my knowledge that is an 80 (or maybe 100?? rough memory) zone

    glad hes relatively ok :)
  7. Actually Mr No-Show (Joel) on Sunday :LOL: , i'm pretty sure he was rear ended. Thats what the radio said this morning, and that police were looking for witnesses....did they do the runner?
  8. welcome to my world, i am married to my job....what can i say :oops:

    i was refering to the question regarding speed, impossible for anybody to know ;)
  9. Basically my son got in the right hand lane and accelerated towards the speed limit and a green P plater pulled out right in front, he swerved and missed that but as he swerved past the first car, a second car had pulled out in front as well, he then grabbed a handfull of brake and down she went. He remembers thinking "oh sh!t" then rolling along the road watching his bike slide into the car in front (it was a 1 tonner so no damage)
  10. Ahhh speed :oops: Yes impossible to judge :wink:
    At least you'll be at Eden Joel, holidays set hey?
  11. thats weird, both the cars stopped and were in plain view parked in front of the bike, and I parked behind when I got there. No one did a runner and I cancelled the police when the paramedic asked me if I still wanted them to attend. I couldn't see any point in the cops turning up and probably booking my son especially as no other vehicles were damaged.
  12. Ahhh, whenever I ride down the right of cars like that I'm always at 10k under the limit, hand on the brake, and psychically asking all the drivers on my left "Orright... which one of you *&%$tards is it going to be...?"

    Glad he's ok - lucky about the paramedic!
    That's like ol' duffy up here in Sydney: crashed outside a hospital :LOL: so there is a time and place for everything.

    Now here we go: has any blame been laid for the accident?

    It sounds to me like if they aren't going to blame the driver it's one of those bike accidents where it makes better financial sense to HIT the damn car instead of having an off while avoiding it :?
  13. So, so glad your boy is ok......

    It's so much easier to shrug near misses off as lessons learnt when its your own silly mistake...but when it happens to your own off spring it cuts deeper and the scare tends to stay with you a little longer.

    Happy he's ok to ride another day.......better than before.
  14. concrete ;)
  15. no cops so no official blame, although I'm preparing for all the excess's I'll be up for.
    true, but when the instinct is swerve and cop minor flesh injuries or choose to not avoid and hit the car just to apportion blame I know which is better for the body.
  16. :LOL: :LOL: Very lucky paramedics were present!! Best place to have an off (apart from flying into a truck full of matresses and pillows)
  17. what time did it a happen i never heard anything but seen the traffic backed up into qbn, thought there must have been a crash, disappointing to hear a motorcycle was involved but good to hear you young fella is alright
  18. I got the phonecall at 7.44am so a few minutes before that.
    I have worked out that "the secret" works. I tried to convince him it would be better to start wearing his full leathers due to the cold... aka dress for the slide not the ride, unfortunately he took it to task, and did the slide.

    One problem I now have is I am booked into Bega on the 4th to do my bike test, but now no bike.... hopefully insurance will payout quick so we can get a new bike....
  19. I'm so glad he is relatively okay.

    The bike can always be replaced, your son can't. Hope he heals up well :)
  20. I saw the remains of the accident, glad to hear your son
    was O.K.
    At first I thought it was teh moron who lane splits through there at 80 km/h on a GPX, but different bike. (for those not local, yes it is a 100 zone, but in the mornings, 50 is fast)
    I know what the drivers are like there in the mornings, everyone wants out of that left lane, and of course, no one knows how to merge.
    I always treat it with extreme caution, and I've had too many drivers veer across at me, horn and agressive assertion of lane position always work for me though. I get in that right lane early, and hang really close to the car in front as I go past teh merge area, means I can't be hit easily.
    The rest of the time, I am in the right lane, but off to teh left, so people in the left lane know I am there, and it's not just a gap in traffic.

    Regards, Andrew.